Loot ghosts waaaaay too fast

Is there a reason they fly at the speed of light? I mean during the bloody harvest event they were tricky but very much manageable,but with this new event they are ridiculously fast!

As it is the ghost hearts seem to be super rare so the fact that I literally had the only few I’ve seen fly into the wall at breakneck speed is kinda irritating.

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Are they really that fast? I feel like they are just as fast as they were during Bloody Harvest. Maybe you have just forgotten?

I don´t think they are faster, but they do seem to come in swarms now.

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I’ve noticed if you use bloody harvest item to kill enemies it seems to have a higher chance and a loot ghost heart to show up. I used the roided ghast call grenade and I got hordes of loot ghosts, unfortunately I haven’t gotten much as far as legendaries go, I got the shield twice from the same ghost but not annointed.

I’ve actually had better luck killing them now than during Halloween.

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Hmmm… now that I think about it, that does seem to be when the Bloody Harvest ghosts show up - when I’m tossing Ghast Calls. Will, have to investigate further…

I wonder if that’s coincidence or if there’s some merit to that… I’d love to get more Ghast Calls to give to my other characters as it’s my favorite grenade mod and I only have one level 50

The loot ghosts are the same as they always have been. If they are zooming into a wall it means you missed them being there and only noticed once they were leaving because they float around for many seconds before finally taking leave.

That has absolutely nothing to do with it. The ghosts come from a certain heart named “wrongevent” and since the hearts are there before you kill them what you kill them with has nothing to do with it.


Grabbed a screenshot from a highlight of my twitch feed.

It says “WrongEventError0285743”.

Neither the Scream of Terror or the Ghast Call can be annointed for some stupid reason. In fact far as I’ve seen, the Overflowing prefix is the only variation possible for the shield. (both in-game and screenshots/videos)

I am talking about killing those specific hearts with using the bloody harvest weapons, not the enemies themselves. So far, I’ve gotten the shield, shotgun and sniper rifle, still working on ghast call.