Loot ghosts... why?

Not sure why developers included the super-evasive loot ghosts. Is it to reward players who possess extremely fast reflexes, while taunting the the average player with benefits they could receive if only they weren’t such weak players?

I may kill 1 out of 5 that spawn, which I guess means I’m not very skilled. Not sure why developers felt it was necessary to remind of that so often. When I do kill one, theres nothing special about what drops.

Most of the game is just fantastic. Loot ghosts just confuse me. I’m probably just a weak player.

They will disappear entirely in a few weeks. They are tied to an event you couldn’t avoid. And honestly, I don’t find them fun to fight at all.

But overall… the game is so great. I’ve been playing since release and it’s still lots of fun. I grit my teeth every time one of those loot ghosts pops, but I’ve had lots of fun with the EXTREMELY long Halloween event.