Loot in borderlands 2 vr

I was wondering is king mong still drops the badaboom in bdl 2 vr because i have farmed him for 7 hours and got nothing…So something seems off.
Also,I noticed that in bdl 2 vr,the loot flies very far aways.For example I saw the hornet flying twice above the building that angel opens after claptrap 's failure, right towards the next area, that, of course,you can’t reach …

In theory, it should be the same - an average of 1 in 10 chance to drop. But the nature of RNG is such that you’ll always get dry spells. Are you checking each of the locations KM can spawn in every run? There’s at least two (possibly three?)

Hornet: That’s always been a possibility, depending on exactly where KD is when he’s killed. His lootsplosion appears designed to go over the ice wall between the two sections before the barge, depending on where you kill him.

yes,I always check each location but sofar king mong has only dropped purple,green and white.I 've farmed him more than a hundred times and no badaboom…In regular bdl 2 the drop rate was such that I was getting a badaboom within 20-25 kills,so…it’s weird.

Sorry - don’t quite know what to suggest. I can ask on back-channels if there’s any expected difference in drop rates.

OK,thank you for the replies anyway…