Loot in Knoxx's Armory Not Level 69?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen maximum level piece of gear come out of the armory, everything is level 65-68. What’s the reason behind this? I know gear can be level 69 but as of yet I only see it in vending machines. I’ve finished PT2 and have been level 69 for ages. Just wondering why I haven’t seen any max-level gear in the Armory.

It’s just how drops are. When you’re at level 69, the maximum level a drop can be is 68.


For Item of the Day vendor finds, Zombie Loot Goon chest items, and Knoxx Loot Midgets all spawn Lv69 weapons/items.

With this in mind you can eliminate all unique and Pearlescent weapons from being level 69, ever. They just can’t happen. If you ever see any of those at Lv69, they’re not legitimate.

Thank you!

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