Loot Information Screen when Loot is Found

I know the current default way is by design. But is there a way in user settings to adjust how the Item Description Screen on loot is displayed? This may be hard to explain since I do not have any screen shots. Basically, I have had moments in the game based on distance from item, vertical viewing angle, where the item has dropped, or even trying to read the item description of an item hanging on the wall in crew quarters. You try to view the description and the window that pops up with the item information is partially off screen. Changing your location or viewing angle can help in some cases, but not always.

Is there a way to force the description window of loot to not exceed the players screen field of view? Meaning that as long as you are close enough to initiate the pop up display it will always stay withing full view.

Along those same lines is it possible to set the popup window to always be the size of the ones when viewing in the backpack? Currently, distance from the item determines its size. It would be nice if it was set to as long as you are close enough for it to display it popped up the same size every time instead of having to get close or back away to be able to fully read it.

Thank You

For the items on the wall, there’s a “Inspect” prompt just below the one to take it down off the wall. That takes you into the same screen you see when you inspect an item in your inventory or a vending machine.

This doesn’t apply to items on the ground (it would be a nice added feature!) and there is unfortunately no way to change the item card sizes.

Thanks for the reply.

Just saying it would be a nice feature to add. Walking around a field of loot and having to be in just the right place, distance, angle to correctly read a description pop up just gets tiresome. The item card should always be the same size and always within screen if you are within viewing range to have the card pop on screen.