Loot is almost too good

First of all love this game 10/10. They basically took everything I loved about 2 and made it better. That being said my minor complaint so far is that as you progress through the story the loot you get from completing story/side missions completely suffocate any random guns/items you find. Not sure if there are 100% legendary drops for certain bosses but it seems like it. I always seem to be using the weapons the game gives you because they are flat out better. Anyone else feeling this as well?


I feel exactly the same. I’m lvl 26 and have had 4 legendary guns drop and haven’t even tried to farm anything so far, they’re just from the initial story boss drops or quest rewards and they’re amazing.
About the only time I don’t sell purples or below right now is if it’s a Masher or a great cryo gun for Zane.

then ur just lucky …i havent had ■■■■ drop…and when it does finally there seems to be a glitch inthe game that immediately takes it away.

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Lets keep it this way.


Yeah they’re giving away too many legendaries. I’ve been using a legendary maliwan smg that you get through the story for some time now and it just absolutely shreds stuff, and then they give me a legendary jakobs AR to try to find time to use. And that’s in addition to the legendary rocket launcher and Redundant shock Butcher I got from loot midgets. All four slots are orange and I haven’t even beaten it yet!

Jealous you found a butcher. My complaint mostly comes from the guns the game automatically gives you during the main quest, I am fine that the drop rates and general loot you find in vending machines is a lot better, in fact, I like it that way then having a bunch of worthless loot. But the stuff you get from completing missions and automatic drops from bosses in those missions make all that other really good loot pretty much useless if you are trying to play optimally.

I don’t think I’ve seen an automatic legendary drop, if that’s what you mean.
Everything I got was either a direct reward or completely unrelated to the story, not from any of the bosses. So if they do drop legendaries, I can attest that it isn’t a 100% chance.

Aside from quest rewards, I’ve seen one legendary drop and I’m getting towards the end of the game.

Iunno, I’m even using some greens, myself, random stuff from chests, etc. On normal mode I mostly use stuff that’s just fun to shoot though, I don’t really feel compelled to use the strongest possible option.
I also like to use elemental guns corresponding to the enemy type, so even if I do have a sick COV assault rifle, I’ll still use the crappy maliwan pistol to electrocute/burn stuff. The damage multipliers are pretty big.

So the billion weapons are kind of meaningless… all you need is two/three legendaries to progress through the game? Sad to hear. Best leveling experience is when you do have a bit of a struggle to find new gear while you level, not like use one for 10-20 levels, then pick up whatever and you good to go.
I try not to have too much expectations to the game -not yet bought it-, seems there are stuff that makes it just too easy compared to earlier BL games?
In BL1 even if I got some good weapon I did have to put it away for an alt for later use after 5-10 levels for sure.

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Rng, some will get lucky, some won’t.

I’ve had two legendaries so far, a shield from Moxxis eridian slot machine, and a Jakobs revolver from the golden chest. The shield was garbage as used for one level, the gun is awesome and I’m still using it now despite being 6 levels below me it still destroys everything.

Obviously if you read the paragraph above, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t had one legendary drop yet, not a world one or boss one anyway, both of mine have been bought. So the rng isn’t great for everyone clearly.

Threads like this will see Gearbox lowering the drop rate if they think we’re all getting too much. At least let some of us poor chumps running round with a backpack of Rakk-cack find some world drops first before making out it’s almost too good :smiley:

I’ll take this system over the BL2 drought. It does feel slightly high (especially when considering the massive boosts in Mayhem), but during my normal campaign I probably saw half a dozen or so world drop legendaries + around the same as boss drops. For 40+ hours that seems fine, tbh.

I stopped playing BL2 partially because the loot was too dry and partially because slag as a mechanic was just unfun to constantly deal with. “Farm X boss, knowing what you’ll get ahead of time, or you don’t get anything” removed a lot of the mystery of random loot from just playing organically (I liked that fighting bosses for specific gear was available, though).

While playing with a friend in BL3 we dropped into a fight next to a red chest, it opened to have a legendary pistol, and I immediately used it for the brawl. It felt FANTASTIC and is something that would all but never occur in BL2.

There’s a lot of interesting gear in the game and I’d rather see a lot of it randomly drop instead of basically never seeing any of it unless I specifically farm for it. I’m just gonna think of high Mayhem as similar to Diablo - it’s more about finding an optimized copy of a legendary at that point, which requires seeing a higher volume.

As an aside, I like that all the gun manufacturers are decent. There aren’t any that makes me immediately disregard loot most of the time (such as BL2 Hyperion, Dahl, or Bandit).


the key at end game though is finding those specific legendaries with appropriate annointed perks, the right element and of course the type of manufacturer you enjoy using.

Its a decent balance I think. Only had a couple Legendary drops so far but got limited use out of them since I was over leveled with them already. The usage for blues seems to have been slightly improved, I got a lot longer use out of a few of them for awhile until I found better ones. Some of the story/side mission weapons seem like they’d be viable for level cap/endgame use, but I think really its the Anointed gear from the Eridium vendors that will be the big change to the system. Playing as Amara and starting down the Brawl tree, so a purple Roid shield with a movement speed boost and an Anointed Siren effect of 200% additional melee damage after Phaseslam is a huge deal and I wasn’t even level 20 at the time.

Lvl 17 here and so far the only legendary weapons I have gotten while doing the main story or side quest has been through grinding different bosses/mini-bosses. Those I have grinded seems to have about 20% chance of dropping a legendary. Seems pretty much like how it was in Borderlands 2 for me, so far. That said, I would also like to mention that there are tons of epic/rare weapon you can find scattered around that got some really good stats. As an example, I used a low lvl blue shield for a long time just because it gave me increased speed boost/fire rate/reload time while being full.

Same was true (for me) in BL2.
Pick up a Hellfire and a set of Lyudas in all elements and Storm Fronts and I’m done through story mode and DLCs. I’ll add a few others (like a B-tch and Hornet) for Peak runs, but even that’s not necessary.

In BL3 I’m finding (so far) that I don’t particularly care about finding legendaries. I’ve picked up a few, and they’re OK. But all the Epic weapons the game keeps coughing up are so good that I’m not looking for more. And Atlas Epics really kick major butt.

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Wouldn’t say it is that intense. I have one gun I can remember that lasted me 6 or 7 levels in my 20s but had to find others after. My main issue has been use this story weapon then after that is tapering off use THIS story weapon, then this one, then this etc.

Had a few legendaries. Chests are pretty worthless, nothing but sniper rifles, greens, whites. Bosses for the most part are useless to farm, greens and whites.

Over a billion guns and .00001% of them are useful.

The people who get great RNG are the ones posting pics and creating threads for all their great loot, but keep in mind that there’s always the other side of the coin:

Level 19 Amara, level 16 Moze, level 8 Zane… Approximately 25 hours or so and I haven’t had a single legendary item drop, of any kind. I’m rolling with whatever greens, blues, and purples I can make use of.

Lvl 50 and halfway through tvhm. Maxed backpack capacity and my backpack is full of legendary gear and my bank is also full of legendary gun. Been a bit of a hoarder but I like the legendary gear to be an option for new toons. I hate how banks are now shared between all characters though. Now having mules is much harder because you need multiple accounts instead of characters.