Loot is too weak on 1st playthrough?

Is it just me or is it the game?
me and my friend have been playng this game for about 35hs and we are at chapther 12, on the first couple of chapter we where getting grey weapons a good amount of greens , and a good amount of purple ones, but after chapther 4 i think we are only getting greens up until now, every weapons cache, bosses we open is just greens and very rarely a blue, and eveng more for the purple ones , my friend got 3 legendary weapons so far and i only have the two you get on quests, is something wrong with the game or is this normal? we are doing the story quests and side quests so i though we would be getting better loot than this. now we praticaly almost only get our weapons on the slot machines, and for some reason every god d#% box i open i only get green pistol its getting really infuriating. sorry for the bad english.

It’s all RNG really, but I will say that I’m happy with the amount of legendary items I’ve gotten in my first playthrough. Drops feel fine to me.

On your first playthrough vending machines are you best friend until you reach a certain point im not gonna spoil. The items of the day can be amazing.

Also you can backtrack and fight old bosses to try and get gear if your stuck. Besides a handful of enemies a good incendiary weapon can carry you through your first playthrough.

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i tried farming “the warden” yesterday but of 30 tries more or less i only got a legendary grenade and my friend got nothing. will try the “items of the day” thing. this boss farming is turning out as much of a chore as black desert’s. my friend tried the athena’s bosses but only got one weak legendary lvl 17 (doesnt the bosses scale with us? ). besides that we are really liking the side quests (Ava go die !!! lol)

Nope loot isn’t too weak.