Loot item description window blocking view in combat

doing combat in areas where alot of loot drops, the weapon item description windows pop up and obstruct view.

on M3 doing slaughter dome , it is really bad, i dare not crouch, but even standing at times my view is blocked multiple times by 2-4 loot items here and there

even in low loot areas it a issue, when you kill a mob that rushed you drops loot, then you try to range another mob and a loot description pops into my view, i have to reposition losing shields, maybe a bad position then try to retreat and loot item description pops up and obstructs view again.

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Just open up your menu and it goes away.

It is very annoying though, hope its fixed in the “anyday now patch” at this point

open menu? seems that would not be a fix where in combat you intentionally obstruct your view with something else? and having to repeat as mobs drop more loot