Loot level scaling

Quick question about loot scaling.

I did the claptrap DLC early in PL2 of my game to enable me to farm on level gear from the gift shop, however I’m now on the last quest of the main story and I’m level 50 but the gear in there is still between levels 37 and 46.

I watch videos by K6 and Joltz and both are using that for on level gear, when will it catch my level? after I complete the main story?

Yep, think so.

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Someone posted about that recently. It looks like it caps the level until you finish main story, as @MeltintheSun said.

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Sorry, I did check the recent topics but only found something about enemy level scaling.

Thanks for the tip though, better get that Destroyer beat hadn’t i :slight_smile:

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Have you started Knoxx in Pt.2 yet? That also has a level cap until you beat the story mission the first time. If you’re level 50 or over, you may want to run through that now.

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No i’ve not completed that yet, I did the claptrap DLC for the gift shop farm but clearly there was no point until I finish the main story.

Knoxx is my next in line as the early missions are all level 50 ish so I am around the right level once I beat the Destroyer should be about 52