Loot levels working as intended

So I decided to farm for some refill baby makers on my OP8 Zer0 and for some reason every baby maker im getting is OP7… Yes gearbox that’s exactly how it should work lmao if you’re gonna make lower level gear drop then at least make it so we can raise the level somehow

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That’s just rng. Something we all have to live with, but i wouldn’t want it anyother way


Well id rather not get 5 baby makers in a row at OP7 lol I have no problem whatsoever grinding for gear but at least make it the right level when I do eventually get it

The level thing is a hold-over from the way the game is designed to accommodate up to four player co-op. Because there’s no guarantee that all four players will always be exactly the same level the gear is set to randomly drop within a range of 2 levels. The obvious exception to this is that you can’t get an item over the max level as it’s hard capped in the code.

The issue players have had with this since launch is that, if you’re already max level, then it would be preferable to have only on-level gear drop. Doubly so in OP levels. Unfortunately, that was never the case for whatever reason.

So yeah, frustrating, but it isn’t going to change at this point. Hopefully this is something that gets addressed in BL3 (@JoeKGBX @MereAtGBX hint hint!)

There’s enough people still playing that you can probably get something via the trade sections if you really need it and don’t want to continue banging your head against the RNG wall.


Well if it was meant to accommodate multiplayer level variation then hopefully they don’t make that mistake in bl3, borderlands games should always always be made with single player experience in mind imo. Co-op should be secondary not the other way around

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I can understand why you might say that, but all the Borderlands games have been designed around co-op play whilst still being feasible for a single player. I don’t see that changing - otherwise, we’d all be playing Fallout: Offworld Experience!


It’s not ok to design one aspect of the game for co-op and then not others, like shared loot drops for example. Huge mistake and a lot of indecision on their part

Given that Gearbox designed a game that…

  • Has both single and co-op play
  • Works on multiple platforms which have VERY little in common with each other, code-wise
  • Had to rescale things for UVHM and then do it again for the OP levels, both of which involved a lot of code-bashing

…compromises were inevitable.

Loot level should never have been a question though, it’s better to get higher level loot than lower level. You will eventually be higher level but you aren’t gonna suddenly go down in level.

A lot of mmo’s make loot drop at your level or slightly above to encourage progression

That ignores level-cap entirely, and you being at OP 7 (correction - OP 8) puts you right at the edge of max lvl-cap.

I’m op8, not that big of a deal since I can just raise the level myself but should be an in game feature tbh

Typo on my part…sorry for it.

Ohh, no worries man