Loot Lost & Found

With the new Loot mailbox system in BL3, how do you hope it will work? Do you think it will prioritise higher level/rarity loot? And would it prioritise guns over shields/grenade mods?

It will have to work one of two ways.

  1. It gets any loot that falls of the world/into damaging terrain.
  2. It picks up everything that we do not.

The first can result in a lot of stuff falling into a grey area where we can’t get it but it doesn’t qualify. This isn’t exactly a horrible outcome as its still a big step up from the previous.

The second is my preferred method. It will mean a lot of junk getting dropped at our feet when we return to base but I am ok with that.

That’s kinda why I’m hoping it prioritises higher lvl/rarity items. I imagine there is a limit on how much your mailbox can hold so I’d prefer to have it save all my white guns until say a blue or purple drops, then that gun replaces the white that gets saved if that makes sense?

I’m a bit concerned about the “mailbox”. If an item falls outside the game world, I suppose it’s justified. I hate losing Sledge’s Shotgun in the lava as much as the next player :slight_smile: However, I tend to look on it as common or garden bad luck. Why should it miracurously be delivered to us at a later time? I know BL games aren’t supposed to be realistic but there are limits.

However, any more than that and it takes away the element of backpack management. In the past, we’ve had to make decisions about what we take on a mission and how much room that leaves for loot we pick up on the way. If we do fill our backpack then we have to make decisions about what we drop and leave behind. Am I the only one who’s sprinted back to a vendor to sell up before carrying on with a mission?

If we can set out with a full back pack knowing that the contents of every chest and world drop will be collected for us, I see that as dumbing down. Leave that sort of nonsense to Destiny. I’ll be very interested to see how GBX implement this.

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I love the mailbox idea but it needs to come right. There’s no point forcing me to sell every weapon that drops to make sure my mailbox only stores the drops I need it to, and I can see it being frustrating if you have your mailbox full of white rarity items and that glorious legendary lands out of bounds

Thats actually great. We all know that Backpack is full in no time. But we want to sell all of it or maybe you even have great gear you wanna keep. The solution…throw your crap not on the ground but off a cliff, so that you can collect more stuff and then at Sanctuary 3, you can take that gear back you just threw off a cliff.

heres my guess based on what we saw

my best guess is that it collects all item drops from sources that “spit” the loot out but nothing from static loot sources like chests, cabinets, safes, etc.

i also think theres a limit to how much the mailbox holds and that it overwrites lower rarity items after that max is reached as rarer loot is collected.

my reasoning being that in the gameplay demo it said full before it was collected which tells me either it has a max it can hold or that full could just mean it has any number above 0

2 when they opened it it spit out a bunch of purples and 1 white.

the last drop from it being white and not green or blue could mean i am way off base, or it could be there is another factor to how it chooses what to collect such as level or item value

I would have just designed the game with lost loot in mind.
For instance, if you have a flying boss like bloodwing, the loot should just fly out of a chute inside the arena rather than from the dead boss.
There’s also the knuckledragger solution, where all the loot flies through the air to a safe spot. That’s for bosses, at least. There’s no perfect way to protect the loot dropped by standard mobs, and as some others mentioned it really isn’t necessary. If that bandit drops a legendary off a cliff, it’s just bad timing that could be avoided by not killing the bandit precariously hanging over the edge.
A lost and found box is good too I guess, but don’t expect the loot problem to be completely solved by it.

Delivery from that box appears to have a rather small limit when you count the number of items that fell out of it and the indicator on it saying full before the button is pushed. Maybe its upgradable as well?

Have we learned anything new about exactly how the Lost and Found machine works since May? I spent about 10 minutes trying to find concrete details with a google search and didn’t turn up anything with definitive answers.

Dunno about how it works but You can buy SDU at Marcus for it to hold more loot.

It drops blues and higher, if I remember one of the developers correctly.

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