Loot midget drops

does anyone know the most common drop for the loot midgets (level 20) at wildlife exploitation preserve?

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by drop I mean legendary drop

The most common drop is actually cash and ammo. They don’t have a designated legendary drop, if that’s what you mean - even odds for any of the base game legendaries. If you’re looking for a specific weapon, you can look it up on the Borderlands Wiki to see who the designated drop is.


thank you for your help bud

as @VaultHunter101 says its mostly Loot and Cash, but here is what I got from a recent Low Level farm (15 Runs) there,
1 Legend level 17 Klook Skullmasher
1 Legend Level 17 Dependable Gunerang
1 Legend Level 20 Sticky Homing Caustic Leech
1 Legend Level 19 Twin Hornet
1 Legend Level 17 Flush Hammer Buster
1 Legend Level 17 Bolshy Lyudmila
that’s with only “Docs Orders” 0 echo’s picked up

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@LunaticOne mentioned it but just to re-iterate, if you pick up the Doctor’s Orders echo, they will stop dropping legendaries as readily

No no, the ECHOs just significantly increase the chances of Loot Midgets to appear in one of the boxes with each ECHO affecting a different box. Not picking up any gives you the highest chances in all 4 boxes. You can even pick up the one in those 4 boxes (but you shouldn’t) and still get Loot Midgets but you won’t be seeing 4 most of the time per run.

For example, I picked up the very first ECHO and the one in the 4 boxes as Maya in TVHM and I will usually only get 2-3 LMs per run which reduces their Legendary (and Pearlescent on UVHM) drop rate indirectly by giving you less chances per run. Not impossible, just less likely to get them.


What @BlackHeartV (good to see you here!) said: the Doctor’s Orders echoes affect the number of loot midgets that spawn from the boxes in the WEP loot box room, not the odds of said loot midgets dropping legendary stuff.

Also to clarify, in normal and true modes, they are loot midgets and mostly drop cash/ammo/health (but can drop legendaries.) In ultimate mode they are legendary loot midgets, and you should get something that is either legendary, e-tech, or pearlescent rarity (so weapon, shield, grenade, class mod, or relic), but not necessarily what you want.


Yes. I know this. I kind of meant in a figurative sense ; I reworded my post to be more literal.
Always good to have things clear though and that is very clear :slight_smile:


They’re pretty stingy in normal and TVHM but we did nab a quasar there the other day at lvl 19.

thanks for the help people