Loot Midget floor clipping?

Forgive me if this is an old issue, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the BL2 scene, and the last time I heard/read anything about this issue was before the board overhaul.

The Loot Midgets in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve - I do indeed recall an issue with legendary loot clipping through the floor if the midgets were killed inside the room the boxes are in, and the workaround temporarily was to kill them outside of the room. Far as I knew, the issue was being worked on.

Earlier today, while playing BL2 in THC, I had a legendary (a Bitch) fall through the floor OUTSIDE of the box room. So I’m wondering if it was an isolated issue or if the floor clipping issue in the WEP is still a problem. Anyone have any insight?