Loot midget in the Dust

I was up at the Buzzard Achademy yesterday to find Carson, when a Loot midget jumped out of a box. I didn’t even think that was possible. Did you find one in some really unexpected place?

Among the boxes near Carson in The Dust and before the first bridge in Hero Pass.

They can pop out from loot containers throughout the vanilla game.
My most suprising midget was in one of the stalker blobs that hangs from stuff in wildlife.

I’ve seen a good number Poop Midgets in the WEP over the years. I always have my weapon ready now.

For me, finding one in the Dust would be a surprise because I haven’t seen one in months despite hitting it over 100 times with two others. We used to complain about the midgets being removed from there.

I didn’t think they could pop out of washing machines until one did (it was in Sawtooth Cauldron though, and that place is infested with them).

The Dust though… never in my 4K+ hours.

Ditto here. I’ve seen them a number of times from the hanging blobs. Never from the poop though. Or washing machine, come to think of it.

I ran into one in Frostburn Canyon while “Hunting the Firehawk” in NVHM.

Most of the ones I’ve encountered have been in the first area where Mord is.

I once got one jumping out of a toilet bowl. How does he even fit in there?

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Yeah that’s where I see most of them too. A lot of poop piles and hanging blobs in that initial area and I always keep an eye and ear out for one now while killing that first batch of stalkers.

I also occasionally hear one yammering on through the walls in the area where the Doctor’s Orders loot midget boxes are. Maya is my usual main, and I figured out that the effect of the phaselock I use on that one badass skag nearest the stalker “arena” area next door goes through the walls and breaks some of the poop piles in there if the skag happens to be close enough to the wall when I lock him.

Definitely. You never know when those little guys will pop up.

I’ve never “seen” a poop midget, eh pop out, but after reading the last post, I have often heard one fighting the stalkers in the room beyond the save point after the 4 box room once I’ve PLd the BA skags. Always thought it was a random spawn in that room but makes perfect sense now lol.
My first ever LLM was in a locker near the volleyball net in the dust.