Loot midgets should be in all games. Lets name some!

In response to this awesome quote …

Loot midgets should be in all games.



Which games should they be in?

So, not only should they be in those games but they should have a high chance to drop excellent loot for the game they are in. And they should definitely be short guys. So far I haven’t thought of a game where it wouldn’t be welcome/fun/funny. And potentially the loot could have random modifiers too, to add a wrinkle to the situation.

I’ll start the ball rolling (this will also potentially show how old I am):


Super Mario Brothers

Zelda (dude, he dropped the master sword!)

Fallout 3

Doom 2 (BFG or Superhealth drop y’all!)

any Final Fantasy

Super Soccer (lol, this could be hysterical, check the midget for free penalty shots against their goal)


Portal (not sure what the loot would be, but it could certainly be funny)


Mario Kart

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Having a loot midget pop out of a block in a Mario game would be hilarious. Butt stomp him to collect 1000 coins.

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Anyone else feel like the butt stomp in the pre sequel is inspired by mario?

Seems this thread wasnt posted any of the BTPS sub-categories. But rather the main page. So moving to Gerernal Discussion.

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Without a doubt.

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I might have made that mistake a bunch of times.

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No worries, youre not the only one. :smile_cat:

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But there are not loot midgets in TPS… this should be in BL2 =P

Well. It stems from wanting them in TPS.