Loot modes and legendaries

I started playing the game with a friend, and we chose classic loot mode because it just feels nice to look at the loot together, notify each other about some loot that they might want to look at, etc.

Now we noticed that all the big bosses and quests that usually reward you with a legendary, still only drop one for the two of us. For example, the Hand of Glory mission reward, we only recieved that once after the mission. Or most big bosses also only drop a single legendary item.

Question I have now: If we would use the new individual loot mode, would we BOTH get those items? Reason is, we might want to restart playing as a group of three friends, and it would be straight unacceptable to share the drops for a single person amongst us.

We would 100% switch if we’d double the good loot even if the new mode ruins much of the coop experience.

each player will get their own individual loot that will not be the same as the other players in the group. Maybe 2 players will get a gold but the 3rd might not get a gold drop, it’s all random rolls per player.

Sure, but as it stands right now, guaranteed uniques never dropped twice for us. If each player gets his individual boss drops and crate loot, I have to assume it sums up to much more than the party would get in “classic mode”?!

That seems like a huge design flaw. For playing with friends, classic mode sounds brilliant and it certainly feels better, but splitting up the loot designed to drop for a solo player amongst two, let alone more, players is quite the drawback!