Loot-o-gram legendary drop rate

Hello folks… Just turned level 17 and decided to farm Dinklebot for loot-o-grams to level up my weapons. I’ve heard from some that Crazy Earl will drop legendaries using these. Wondered if anyone had an idea of drop rates? I have 5 at the moment and am hoping they yield at least some decent loot. Thanks in advance for any input.

the drop rate isn’t great and the loot table is limited I believe.
I’ve seen full inventories turned in before and gotten all whites.

My guess is it’s a drop rate % in the low teens or maybe single digits. I don’t know for sure though, don’t know if anyone does.

I farmed him for a couple hours at level 50. I don’t think it’s worth it as early as level 17. Took me about 20 loot-o-grams to get 19 white guns and 1 Legendary (Lucian’s call), and I was probably lucky. I would farm early bosses at your level. They seem to have better drop rates.

Thanks for the intel gents!

I just turned 28 loot-o-grams.
I got all white loot.
Not only that, but I got 26 guns, so two of my loot-o-grams didn’t give me anything.
I really want a Lucians Call, but I guess I may have to go back to farming Chupacabratch and just hope I get lucky.

So, my friend and I duplicated a butt-load of grams. From our tests, of around 400 grams, we got 3 “wagon wheel” revolvers, and 2 “Lucian’s Call” (1 fire, 1 ice). We did notice raising luck helped with finding Legendary but I dont think you can get anything but those 2 legendary weapons. We will hunt for more. I’ll post if I find any other weapons.

Edit: Just some extra info. For every legendary I found, my friend found the exact same thing at the same time. So basically it gives everyone in the party the same weapon if you have friends with you.

I would say the odds are around 1 in 100 or so of getting a legendary. We went through another 400 and only got 1 legendary “Wagon Wheel” and 1 “Lucian’s Call” (Fire).

I hope this helps guys. After close to 1000 grams, using an exploit that will probably be patched, those are the only 2 legendary weapons you get. If anyone finds another, please let me know. Happy hunting.


You can get the butcher too; didn’t know the drop rates are so low after the loot nerf.

I turned in my loot o gram and got absolutely nothing. My friends for a white sub. What’s the point if no good drops?

Lol i turned in 3 and got 3 legendaries got Lucians Call and two Butchers