Loot O Grams, Am I Missing Something?

I have played two character thru the game all the way to 60, I found one loot o gram, turned it in, and Carl unceremoniously tossed out a white item. Why are they even in the game if they are so worthless?

Am I missing something? Is there a way that people can farm these in the game, and this is why Gearbox decided to make them so worthless? It’s just not a well thought out thing to place in the game, if it’s so rare and so worthless at the same time.

It’s a Destiny reference.

Dinklebot can be farmed. There’s a small chance of Earl throwing legendary items (Butcher and Lucian’s Call, if I’m not mistaken).

Also Wagon Wheel.

That’s pretty much the joke. However, I wouldn’t say they are that rare, you can reliably obtain one every time you kill Dinklebot on Skywell-27 and seeing as Dinklebot is no longer a rare spawn, that’s 1 Gram per run.
But yeah, them being garbage is basically deliberate and honestly, none of the legendaries you can get from them are that good, I wouldn’t bother with them if I were you.

There many aspects of this game that make farming useless dinklebot being one of many , mini bosses are a disappointment, lootplosion is meh , world drops turn into woodblocker and lob drops . You can put a lot of hrs into this game and get disappointed and bored of farming and getting the same thing over and over . And whatever character you play you get gear for the other characters so have fun mod hunting .

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My friend and I ‘aquired’ almost 150 lootagrams and we got 1 wagonwheel without anointment! Never again!