Loot-O-Grams and Crazy Earl

Hey so I’ve been grinding Earl very hard lately, so hard that I managed to get about 1000 Loot-O-Grams. I’ve only been able to get 3 different legendaries from Earl; Lucian’s Call, Wagon Wheel, The Butcher. Also I found out that he gives you a legendary every 100 Loot-O-Grams too. If anybody has gotten anything different please let me know, thank you!

Pretty sure I read those are the only three legendaries he drops

Where did you read that?

Now that you ask, it may have been in a video actually… I’ll try and find out.

Where do you get loot o grams from? I haven’t found any as of yet

You get them from the rare enemy Dinklebot on Promethea in Skywell-27

Cool, thanks

Was just about to make a post asking why loot-o-grams even existed, or if they were just part of the extended easter egg and this was something new to Destiny.

Collecting 100 loot-o-grams does not seem worth it for a guaranteed legendary. I had better luck yesterday within the first 5 minutes just playing the game like I normally would.

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i concur. i can farm way better bosses in the same time frame. especially since dinklebot is not a guaranteed spawn.