Loot-o-Grams only whites?

Been farming Loot-o-grams for awhile now to get Lucians call. Maybe turned in 100 of them and all white. Has anyone got the gun or is it world drop now?

I’m almost certain that Lucian’s Call is a world drop. I might be wrong tho. I got a bunch of them from farming the Chupacabratch in Athenas when I was grinding to level 50 back then. I think I also got one from either the Graveward or Tyreen the Destroyer. It might have a rarer drop rate than other legendaries.

Yeah I’ve seen both drops on youtube and they all say its an world drop. But read somewhere that there can be only 3 legendary drops feom lootgrams. So figured drop rate would be higher. It might be but I just lost 30 Guardian lvls :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I got it out of the chest with a Golden Key

These guys just farmed 100 and gave them to Earl all at once and just got 1 Legendary rest was whites.
Waste of time imo.

You can get either a Luciens Call, a Butcher or a Wagon Wheel, but the chances are ridiculously rare, it seems to be ~ 1% to get a legendary.

I got my lucians call from the rampager offline on mayhem 3. And I farm dinklebot on skywalk 27 for a legendary loot o gram and the 1st one I turned in was the legendary berserker shotty… try those

From what I’ve seen on Youtube videos I think you have to turn in 100 exactly to get a legendary. Since they are there to make fun of Destiny Engrams I doubt they were ever meant to be an actual farming method.

I have only ever had 1 Loot a gram and it gave me a Wagon Wheel first time so it can be done without 100 trys if the luck is with you.

With the drop rates of legendary items on mayhem 3 you would probably find one farming a boss your comfy with faster though, with the added benefit of all the other goodies they can drop.