Loot Pack, Help

So I am wondering, I though I heard that Attack Speed will only come say out of Jennerit Loot Packs, is that true?

I am needing a better Attack Speed/Health item, so yeah.

Yea Jennerit has attack speed, although I remember only seeing green (uncommon) attack damage/health after surviving for 180 seconds
Not sure about attack speed/health tho
I’ll look at my gear when I get on in a bit

There might be an epic variant that can roll both of those stats

Yeah, I need an epic(Purple) version instead of what I have.
Wonder if it would be better to just buy epic loot packs?

Possibly one of the upwards looking swords, not the ones that point downward that can roll skill damage

Epic packs prolly best bet, I’ve bought a crapton of Jennerit boxes and mostly just end up with 2 greens nothing special

Attack speed items come from any faction other than UPR, they are the swords. Personally, I’d go with a jennerit or an eldrid, as the hurricane for rogues drops as “dicy”(less max health) and I can’t recall what the negatives for the LLC one is.

If you want an epic or legendary, buy epic packs, if you want a certain 0 cost negative, skins, or taunts, buy faction packs. (so when getting yourself a sketchy easy money (2.1 shards a second, -14% healing power, no cost if common) buy rogue lootpacks)

Thank you.
Wanting an “Attack Speed + Health” purple

Possibly eldrid? still, epic packs are your best bet.