Loot pack of dissapointment

Commander loot packs state a skin is in them or at least a chance at a taunt, despite not having any or Reyna’s whom is the only rouge I want a skin for I end up with pocket change. Fix the description to say skins are not guaranteed.

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Skins are guaranteed. You rolled a duplicate skin, thus you got coins instead.


This is just a guess, but I think we get coins when we would have got a skin or taunt, but we already got it.

I have seen coins in 500 or 1000. My guess because of corresponding rarity, is that 500 is a skin you already have and 100 is a taunt you already have.

I would prefer that you just see the skin or taunt and have the system give you the option to sell it.

It’s possible you got all of the rouge skins already.

Or you just got a duplicate.

So I just did some maths(Woo math!) and the results are kind of stupid. So every battle born has 5 things they can get from a loot pack: three skins and two taunts. That makes it so every faction has 25 cosmetics in the pool(eldrid have 30 cos alani). Now then say you are looking for a specific skin or have the rest unlocked: you have a one in twenty-five chance of getting that(4%). Now then take into consideration that the loot packs don’t always drop these. Say that the loot packs drop skins and taunts 10% of the time(worst case scenario btw). You have something like a 0.4% chance of getting that skin. Better scenario: 30% drop rate from packs. This gives you a 1.2% chance of that skin. Best scenario: 50% drop rate. 2% drop chance. So in theory it would take you 1,250 loot packs(theoretically) to get everything from ONE faction. Granted all of this is conjecture but damn this is stupid… And it would take you 2,375,000 credits to buy that many packs(not counting alani).


Well that would only make sense if GBX had some sort of ulterior motive to make unlocking skins and taunts (and characters) the normal way ridiculously grindy. I wonder what it could be…

PS: 500 coins for a duplicate skin is stupid. Just give me a skin I don’t already have; I paid $80 for this thing.

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I also think 500points are far to low when skins drop so rarely, but you did pay the 80$ for the game not for good RNG-conditions.
Payed over 90€ for a complete BL-2 ,but never expected it to drop me a pearlescent because I payed that sum.

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This is more like you paid the $90, you played the game for 50+ hours, it dropped a pearlescent, but when you picked it up it turned into $500 in game dollars with zero explanation as to why that might be.

Battleborn is way too grindy for a $60 USD game. I hoped that the RNG conditions on a full priced game wouldn’t be COMPLETELY rigged towards encouraging microtransactions. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that if I pay that much for a game, then pay the in game cost they require to unlock a skin, it should unlock a skin.

I don´t really get your metaphor, but thats more my fault I guess.
Also I don´t see BB turned into a 500$ game and we all have to pay the dept now. I simply don´t see it.

Well, I found the BL-titles faaaaaar more grindy. Thats just me with my misely 500+ hours into the 3 games, but I always had troubles getting legendaries & pearls, RNG were always bitchy to me, no matter which guide I used. So I may be just used to this grindy thingy.

Every pack has one less taunt because they were included as part of the Deluxe Edition. Drop rates are very low but do happen (I’m seeing at least one new skin or taunt every 5-10 loot packs, or credits because it is a dupe). I did a full write up based of information that I data mined. The only thing as you mentioned is that DLC characters will add their extra taunts and skins to the pool, meaning you should have a higher chance of getting something from that faction over others.

I just think the rate in which we earn credits is not enough for the cost it takes to buy even one of these loot packs. The majority of what you will get from these things are Uncommon tier gear which aren’t even worth a fraction of the cost it is to buy them. I think it should be that you get back at least 1/3 of what you spent in credits on the pack to go towards your next one.

Well i wasn’t complaining about the rate that you get rectangles(the shape of skins/taunts/credits gotten from packs) from packs, but rather what happens when you want ONE specific skin/taunt(eg. the pure white skin). I totally agree that its not that way, In about 30ish LLC loot packs I had a good number of skins&taunts. But once I got past that I started getting more and more credits. Now it feels like no matter what I do I’ll get credits forever…but that’s RNG I guess

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Just providing a little clarification based on what I have seen in the game files. :wink: Your drops lines up with how I think the roll of what you get from the loot pack works, the more you own from it the lower your chances of getting something that is not a dupe. A shame it wasn’t that every time you got something new it would remove it from the loot pool :confused:

They should really remove coins from loot packs. I bought 15 packs today, and got coins twice. T_T And the last 5 commander packs or so I’ve got all had coins instead of skins. It gets kinda frustrating.