Loot Pack Opening Questions

Just spent 750,000 (give or take a few thousand) credits on Legendary, Epuc and Faction Loot Packs.

Is the chances of getting good stuff from them higher before the Battleborn Day event ends (which I think is this afternoon / evening sometime)?

Thanks in advance.

What’s the question?

Also the event ended already a few hours ago. (8am PT I believe).


Whether you get better gear from opening packs before or after Battleborn Day as opposed to during.

Well Battleborn day included Lootpacalypse I believe so I think only rare and Epic lootpacks had their droprates increased (although not sure if that was actually the case for BB Day).

That said, faction and Legendary lootpacks aren’t affected, so you can open them whenever and have the same amount of good/bad drops no matter when you open 'em.

If you want to “increase your odds of getting something good”, save any Rare or Epics for the next lootpacalypse event.

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Thank you kindly.



Now if only Gearbox would give us a ton more inventory space and Loadout slots, am I right?

Just gave us two more bank slots in case ya didn’t know


Your getting everything you ever wanted now lol. I believe so too… I felt like I got better stuff in faction packs during lootpocolypse as well. I got like 7 gear pieces I wanted finally… spent so much credits trying to get them

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Well I did get a Legendary and a whole gaggle of taunts when I opened a bunch of faction loot packs last night

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Sweet I just bought like 100 more inventory space and some new load outs.

Just opened 13 Legendary Packs (27 more to go!), highlight so far has been a Voxis Core. No double legendaries (yet, still hopibg).

Opened 4 LLC Commander Packs I had received, skin and taunt in each, sweet!

750,000?! I would preform questionably immoral, and DEFINITELY illegal, acts under an underpass for 75,000!

I’m not good with money…

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I’m GREAT at spending it!

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