Loot Pack Sale/future sales

Faction loot packs cost 1900 credits, and a high average you could expect out of a round would be 600 to 800 credits, and since it can easily be 40 minutes between beginning, finishing, and finding your next game, it can take awhile to accrue the credits for any mass purchases.

There are SEVERAL loot-pack only legendaries, per faction. You could easily have to spend hundreds of thousands of credits to get a specific legendary, (think Time Killer, or Go-Go-juice.)

Is there any more information on future sales? The 50% that UPR packs are on, is great, but I’d love if the rogue packs could get cycled in at some point, I’ve saved up a loooot of credits.

You can get Time Killer in Saboteur mission even on normal difficulty from the first thrall mini-boss.

And I think they will/should do those these kind of sales often, it’s really a good thing to waste your earned credits on.

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Would be great to have each weeks a pack in promotion.

For the legendary just wait, in the AMA they teased that there will maybe be the possibility to loot them in the DLC operation. Still need confirmation, but if yes it should be a good solution.

I’d be happy enough if the rogue packs would just go on sale, I dream of having the Go-Go juice with thorn.

And in hindsight, I don’t know why, I just assumed the time killer was pack only.

Oh. It’s because I meant the Borrowed Timer, instead.

They need to set up an automated event planner and just let it run from now until the end of time as players need better reasons to get on for a blast outside of just loving the game. I’m pretty sure the faithful hardcore wouldn’t mind being handsomely rewarded for their dedication, you know? A little something to help them squeeze out an extra hour or 2 per session.

One week could be 2x XP, next could be 2x credits, next could be half price loot packs, and then to round out a month all 3 could be active.

As it stands you get very little at command rank 100/all your mains 15, outside of the love of the game nothing else is keeping us there, I see this more and more every time I click incursion (aka versus public) and strap in for a lengthy wait.


Great idea. Hope the devs do something like that.

Still waiting on a late on addition of Comander Faction Packs or Legendary Loot packs in the market place.

Although that probably won’t happen, I will still hope for it.

I really think the loot pack prices should just be lowered, but failing that, a weekly promo would be great.

I bought a ton of packs during the Lootpocalypse and have been buying up UPR packs like crazy too. A nice epic pack sale would be welcome for legendaries.

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