Loot packs collected over the weekend

so I have collected/bought 26 lootpacks this weekend thanks to the double credits that’s been going on. I have yet to open any of them yet. Which loot packs do you believe are the best ones to buy? Faction loot packs or the normal type loot packs.

I suppose it depends on what you need. Whites are good for getting 0 cost shard generators if your interested in those. Blues are good too for things like health vests and regen vials for stacking the same stat after 180 min. Epics are all around good and give you shots at legendaries. And factions are good for taunts and skins if your looking for those types of things

Well I know what gives what. I was asking what others thought would be best to buy. I would at least hope I know what loot packs give what when I been playing this game since it was in beta.

it was more of a what loot packs do you prefer buying. Rather than a what should I buy. Probably could have done a better job clarifying that in the OP. Sorry about that.

Epics. Might get legendaries. The only loot pack legendaries I’ve wanted were Root Tea and Voxis and I have two max rolls of each from commander packs from absolute luck. Otherwise I’m fine with all of my gear.

Oh lol no worries. Thought it was an odd question…

So I got something like 65000 credits and plan on holding onto them for the next lootpocalypse. But I would probably buy whatever packs would best guarantee me legendarys I want since there are a notable amount of solid legendarys you can’t farm from bosses( as a side not I have been trying to farm the same 4 different legendarys for like a week. Damn RNG…) Off the top of my head I would love to try a solar sustainer for my ambra load out or go go juice for pendles.

Also I am pretty sure I accidentally sold my Voxis core so I need one of those… Damn it…

Faction packs. Not only are they cheaper than epic packs (though with an admittedly lower legendary drop rate) they limit the potential legendaries to each faction, giving you a better chance at the legendaries you want (research required on which faction has what, of course). The chance of getting a skin or taunt for your favourite character is just gravy.

I would go with faction packs. Ive just had better luck at getting legendaries vs credits spent as well as a chance at taunts and skins. I do think it’s a better deal because you can also get credits back.

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Another good point about the credits back part. All but four of my non-story legendaries are from faction packs, including a lovely max-stated go-go juice while attempting to get a specific taunt. It’s a hate-mail free alternative to boots of the brute.

Is this true about legendarys and faction packs? A guide I was using said that all the legendaries could come from any pack(minus the campaign legendaries of course)

the faction packs only contain the legendaries that are manufactured by that faction. i.e. if you by a jennerit pack you can only get the jennerit legendaries, which are distinguishable by their red and black colour scheme.