Loot packs found in story mode not appearing in Gear to open

I have not gotten any loot packs for several games. I have picked up several Rare loot packs, but when I go to open them they are not there. Still getting the other Individual items though. but I have lost out on at least 5 Rare packs because of this

Are you sure you are getting packs and not gear? I rarely get a pack to drop, but get straight gear all the time.

I’ve often felt that the campaign opens my pack for me. and I get the gear from it.

Day 1 and most of day 2 I got both packs and individual gear. Had to open the packs in gear myself. Now I am not getting packs to open. I also know they did not Hotfix it so the packs were opened for me. I would be getting more Rare gear if it were so.

Been talking to others online while I play Verses. This has happened to everyone I asked, those who play story anyways.

Same thing is happening to me: Grab a loot pack in story mode, go to gear and there’s nothing there. I’m also getting individual loot items, but packs are always empty.

Or rather, the “packs” area is empty; not that I’m getting empty loot packs.

Same here. I pick up loot packs but when the story is over, there’s nothing in the open loot pack area to open