Loot packs taunts/skins drop rate?

Hey guys just curious what your experience has been like for loot packs and their taunt/skin drop rate? I purchased 14 rogue packs yesterday (made it to 18 and unlocked them finally) and got only 1 taunt and no skins. Is this normal or am I just unlucky?

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I dunno, you may just be unlucky, I have gotten a skin or taunt from all but 2 faction packs.

I’ve purchased about 5 or 6 Eldrid and no ski s or taunts.

However the Eldrid Commander I got on level up dropped a skin and a taunt, as did the Jennerit Commander pack, but those might have guarunteed results.

FYI, it has beeb confirmed that Tier 2 skins are not in the game yet. They will come with first content patch. Current skins available will all be recolors.

:frowning: sauce?

I just got an Eldrid pack and got a skin and a taunt from it. You may just have a string of bad luck.

Out of curiosity, did you buy it or was it from leveling up your command level?

Just wondering, the taunt you got from the loot pack is it the ones shown in the commander tab or new taunts ?

If you mean if it is not one of 3 the three initially visible, then yes. Have Boldur throwing head back and laughing and Ambra yawning and cracking her joints.


They’s brand new ones. They don’t show up until you get them.

Pretty sure the command rank and character rank loot packs give out skins and taunts (for their faction).

Guess it was just bad luck - I’m still happy because the taunt I got was Reyna doing the splits. It’s no tea ceremony but I’ll take it!

Tier 2 skins? What does that entail?

Zombie Kleese in a brain chair, Bald Eagle Benedict with red/white/blue armor, plant skin whiskey foxtrot. Basically re-textures of characters, step above Tier 1 (recolors), but below Tier 3 (change in actual model of the character). Haven’t ever seen any Tier 3, but in Beta people posted some pics of Tier 2 that would show up on computer controlled bots in private versus matches.

i bought 15 UPR packs

3 skinks 1 taunt

I’ve purchased 16 rogue packs.

That gave me 2 taunts and 5 skins.

I had another rogue pack from levelling up which gave me the 1 guaranteed skin plus another taunt.

Not bad.

Awesome! Cannot wait for those to be added!

I would love to see packs dedicated to skins and taunts. Just remove faction limits and set the price to, say somewhere between a rare and an epic pack, and we’re golden.

No faction limits to reduce clutter, and a higher price because, frankly, we’d still be saving credits in the long run.

Which Is The Best Loot Pack?:sob:

So there are 2 types of each Faction Loot Pack, one being called a Loot Pack (these are the ones you buy from the in-game shop for 1900 credits) and the other is a Command Pack which a random faction is given to you every 5 Command Ranks (meaning you will get a maximum of 20 of these). Command packs have a guaranteeed chance of giving you a random skin and a chance of a taunt wheras loot packs only have a chance of either a taunt or a skin (i don’t think you’d get both). Right now I believe there are 2 taunts and 2 skins per character you can obtain from loot packs. Skins colora are yellow and purple skin, or a white skin.

I’ve kind of been digging into the game data to see what the actual drop rates are and all I can say is they aren’t very high. Think Legendary boss drops in Borderlands 2.

See, that’s interesting because I’ve got pink and blue skins for Oscar Mike and Boulder that I got from packs, which would bring the count to 3.

Aren’t there like pink and blue skins on the default unlock list? I know I have a couple of those too I just thought they unlocked through lore/ranking up.