Loot packs what happend while i was gone?

alright so iv been gone from the game for a long time and i decided to come back and well there is a new UI and new things thats good right but umm what happend to the old loot packs i can only buy a core lootpack could someone explane to me what happend while i was gone

The core lootpack has replaced all the old lootpacks. You can still earn the old kind of lootpacks from pve and challenges.

well that sucks becuase i liked the old lootpacks is there any chance we will get the old ones

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I doubt they’ll return. Core Packs might be worse if you want to go for a specific gear (like, say, a green jennerit glove) but give these new ones a chance before you doom them :slight_smile:

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iv opend like 10 allready and i dont like em sadly

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And I’ve opened several hundred rogue loot packs and still don’t have all the rogue customization items. Needless to say, those weren’t very fun either.


I would have liked all of the old packs stay and core packs just became their own option.


exactly what i want

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