Loot Packs - Which should I be unlocking for Legendaries?

Have a bit of money to blow through and I was curious if the Epic packs are worth it over Faction packs?

I’ve got 2-3 legendaries out of I dunno 20 epic loot packs? It’s straight dumb luck; you may literally never get one, or you may get a completely worthless one.

I believe no packs are worth it unless you REALLY want a taunt or a skin otherwise just do Story for gear.


Aren’t most people saying that Story drops are pretty weak though?

Faction packs are cheaper, so while they have less drop chance, you can buy like 5 for the price of 2 epic packs. Also, faction packs drop legendaries only of their faction, so if you want a specific legendary or two, you’ll want to go for faction packs. Plus they do give a chance for some pretty great taunts.

They can be, but you also have a chance to get Green/Blue/Purples from chests in the map.

Bosses can also drop legendary gear.

I’ve only seen story bosses drop their own specific loot, so there’s plenty of good loot that you can only get from packs.

I believe I got a non specific legendary from a boss once but it was a mehh drop and I sold it.

Lvl 70 command rank here, I have purchased so many of the epic packs and haven’t received a single legendary. I only have the one legendary from the character I wanted to master. Getting Legendaries are complete luck and I don’t believe that any of the packs have a higher chance. I haven’t even received a legendary drop from story. But my brother had actually received 3 legendaries from the prologue… I was so mad because I was at level 50 when he got those.

Most legendaries aren’t really worth it in my opinion. The shards I save on an extra 4% reload speed or whatever can go to turrets, drones, etc. I say use your coins to try and get skins/taunts. They’re cooler anyhow.

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There are some (rng crit chance on every shot, turret crit chance, healing removes cc) that are worth grinding for.

Sounds like I need to research specific Boss drops for story mode. So I should splurge on Faction pack then? Most people seem down on Epic packs.

drops rates are weak the gear itself nah some of it is crazy strong

Is there a good source of detailed information on loot drops?

Maybe something showing what legendaries there are in the different faction packs vs. the epic pack. Or boss drops?

EDIT: I got a badass legendary on story mode. Don’t even remember when, I was too new to know what I was really looking at. It adds 269 max health, +4.04 health regen, and adds 202 max health to all teammates. It’s called Vigilance Link and it’s an eldrid item. Costs 1800 to activate.

Ive gotten legendary items a few times from epic packs, so I tend to trust them somewhat but most times it has been garbage (Shadoculars twice… talk about disappointment). Im buying nothing but Jennerit packs till I get this Ambra taunt I want.

personally i’ve gotten probably just 1 legendary from an epic loot pack.

I however have about over 20 mixed loot packs still unopened. waitin for Tier 2 and Tier 3 skins :3

Bought about 30 Faction Packs, 15 Eldred and 15 Rogue. Managed to only get a few Epics, a Thorn skin, and a Toby taunt. Rest was Green loot that was largely unremarkable. Thanks RNGesus!