Loot Pollution Problems & Unused Enemies - Proposals


  1. I didn’t claim it is most important. My own view is that rebalancing gear - which they are doing - is more important. They’ve also said that they are working on the issues I raised in this thread.

They’ve also said they are working on improving underperforming anointments.

This isn’t an either-or situation. There are different problems at play and they’re all being looked at. Addressing pool pollution does not imply that nothing should or will be done about gear/enemy balancing.

  1. To your point about drop quality - Spreading out dedicated drops over more enemies makes it easier to obtain the thing you want, notwithstanding the fact that you consider most drops to be trash. When gear and enemy scaling get rebalanced, more gear and builds will be endgame-viable. Don’t you want it to be easier to farm the specific things you want?

In addition, one of the reasons for reassigning drops to unused enemies is to diversify the endgame. This by definition cannot be addressed by adjusting anointments or drop rates.

So both of your points might be true, but are not really relevant.

@Hexxusz0r - In BL1 virtually everything was a world drop. The endgame looting consisted of running Farmerax and the Farmory because they were the best sources of world drops.

Are you saying that you want BL3 to revert to that?

In BL2 and TPS most enemies who had designated drops had 1 - 2 items in their pools. Which is exactly what I’m proposing should be the case in BL3. So how, exactly, are my suggestions “not Borderlands”?

I’m proposing a loot system that would be more like previous BL games, not less.

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