Loot pools: Legendary Loot Midgets or Chests?

Not necessarily percentage or drop-rate, but which has the largest loot pool?

Or are they equal? Is there anything you can get out of one but not the other?

The only difference I can think of off-hand is “Ancients” relics. You can only get those from LLM’s.

That’s assuming that you’re talking about legendaries and pearls (although the Ancients relics aren’t either of those, but you get the idea :slight_smile: ). As far as general loot goes, I’m not sure what the LLM’s can or can’t drop, but even if they can drop any of the regular items, I think you’d be better off with chests, just because you get more items per chest.

Best loot pools I think are actually bosses, unique enemies, LLMs, badasses and then chests. The best chests are the ones in Tiny Tina that you can spend eridium on.

Where do tubbies fall in that scale?

This is probably more accurate than I can be on the subject. Tubbies and LLMs are both great in my opinion. I wish the chests in the game had better odds.


My line of thinking: Less is more

I’ve heard so many complaints that Tubbies’ loot pools are too saturated. There are so many new things piled into the loot pool that you almost never seen the old Pearls and such. Now it’s just Leg. class mods.

Maybe having less of a loot pool might give a higher output of Oranges.

The pearls are separate drops. You always get one of the regular tubby drops (Bunny, WTF, Cracked Sash, special skin or, starting around level 62, one of the new Legendary class mods). Sometimes you also get a pearl, but that’s in addition to the regular drop.

It’s worth noting that while the tubby loot pool is relatively small (they don’t have a higher chance to drop other legendary items), they are the only source in the game for the new Legendary class mods or the newer pearls, so if you’re looking for any of those, it has to be tubbies.

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Ah, very helpful!