Loot Rewards Not Delivered

I’ve now had at least 3 instances in the “first play-through” of the campaign, when I’ve beaten a mission and all those loot packs I collected in-game… just not given to me at the end of the mission.

I see some people on the steam forums saying “it takes a while to catch up”, but it shouldn’t, and in my case it hasn’t. So I’m down loot for around 30 - 40 minutes of time per level.

Is there anything going to be done about this, or plans to compensate those who haven’t been receiving their loot? I feel like a bitch even asking, but for a game I paid around 60 up front for, I’d really have thought at least the loot system for single player would be working.


(Edit: Just finished the Heliophage for the first ever time, no loot in my Gear/Loot Packs page! And not sure if this is how to be, but it seems if I want to do Story Public, I can choose “random” or “Heliophage”, not the other levels themselves)

Same for me i just finished Heliophage in advanced and nothing Gear/Loot Packs nada

I am not getting loot packs either. I am getting the items described in the mission debrief, though.

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I don’t recall getting anything sadly - I did the first few missions, and they gave me the packs just fine, then they just stopped coming. Even when I was like “Oh sweet, this boss dropped the loot packs” or “This container had loot pack in it!” I go to my loot-screen after the mission, and nothing, no packs.

Could it perhaps be auto-opened and then lost if you were full on gear and no slots left? As I do recall being capped at 39/40 slots, but no other packs.

A friend and I have been playing since launch. As of either day two or three, we stopped getting packs from missions. (Individual items however, would show up in our inventory.) Another friend of mine started after we did (not sure when, probably today) and is getting loot packs from the same sessions where we are not.

See, that could be a thing - the packs may have auto-opened.
As I only did the single-player, and packs only give 3 - 4 items, I did seem to have a “over-full” stash of loot at the end of the campaign, but only opened a few loot packs from the first few missions. It could be that they started auto-opening? If so that is a pretty silly thing as it doesn’t explain anything about that, or anything else.

I’m not trying to imply that they /were/ auto-opening. I’ve noticed in the post-game report that there are specific items, and /those/ (along with say, any legendaries you may have acquired) show up in your inventory. What happened to the packs themselves is still entirely a mystery.

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Had around 10 games in a row now, no loot packs despite having picked several up myself and seen more than a dozen or two go across the screen as "_____ Has picked up _____ loot for the team."
My friend who was /in the same room as me/ has had several epic drops… Nada for me.

Just finished heliophage on advanced…right before cutscene played it said I unlocked melka and deande, get out of game… Still locked? Any ideas?

Still haven’t received any packs from the above times - I can see there were bug fixes to address that, but it doesn’t solve the fact they weren’t given out in the first place.
I’m loathe to run through the story again, as it was disappointing not getting any reward for my efforts. Oh well.

Though this isn’t directly related to your issue, it is marginally so.

“_____ has found ______ gear for the team!” usually refers to a single item, rather than a loot pack.
Sure, SOMETIMES it’s a loot pack, but more often, it’s a single piece of gear.

Granted, that doesn’t address the “you’re not getting anything” issue…

I see, its only a single piece, not a pack. I thought the same thing.

It’s been fixed now, but this previously applied to packs as well, which may have been obtained via RNG challenges in the mission.