Loot rot, WAY TOO FAST

The rate that loot disappears now is far too aggressive. It needs to be returned to its previous state. I am sometimes watching things disappear before I can pick it up (sometimes under 5 min). It’s especially troubling with ammo. We already have a serious problem with a lack of vending machines and points to travel to on map (as in nearly non-existant). You’ve destroyed the drop rates Gearbox, prevented us from selling a substantial amount of the loot that does drop, don’t rob of us our ammo and the horrifyingly abysmal trash we can collect as the cash is about the only reward you’ve left in the game now.

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…wait what? Is this a glitch?

I do entire runs of Slaughtershaft without picking up anything and it’s all still there when I’m done, unless I’m misunderstanding you.

Also money is irrelvant and always has been and probably always will be. You can just get a money grenade and throw it at a friend in PVP and get infinite cash.

I’ll never understand cash-related complaints in BL series.


IMHO the main issue is the lack of back pack, lousy 40 simply isn’t enough, especially if I must let at least 10 open to pick stuff of this lets me with only 30 spots.

Simply hilarious for a Looter Shooter!!!

But yet only trash disappears so fast, the good stuff stays, but if you have 99.9% trash now of course the statement that everything’s disappearing is correct. I also had greens that i wanted to sell disappear just a second before I could click ‘X’ too.

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This sounds like a bug dude, never saw this happen in my life.


Because they nerfed the loot. Horribly nerfed the loot. All there is to collect is the friggen useless cash. It is something to do.

We’ve been watching this happen for a week. If it’s a bug, it’s VERY pervasive.

I at least feel that when you open an ammo crate, the ammo and health boosters should stay until you use them or leave the area. Say you are in a prolonged fight, open a chest for ammo or health, and it happens to be ammo for your secondary weapon, you proceed to fight it out with what you got but eventually switch to your secondary at some point and return to the weapon crate and see the ammo you couldn’t collect at the time is now gone. That is a situation that you will happen to notice often enough if you use more than one weapon at a time.

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I have plenty of loot.

In your defense, I played a bunch over the first month, but I haven’t been playing much often now in favor of testing items/numbers/mechanics but I still get TONS of loot every run.

They even BUFFED anoint drop rates so much more of that loot is useful to someone at the current endgame like me.

I have literally about 500 items on my PS4 account, all legit, all unique/purple/legendary and/or anointed and I constantly find new good ones to hoard.

I’ve done runs where nothing drops from bosses or nothing that I want drops, but not where I don’t get usable loot.

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I’ve not had this issue in either offline or online mode, if you need more time to correct loot (and aren’t as unfortunate as myself to be on PS4) I recommend when your backpack is full - open the inventory to mark items as trash. Going into your inventory pauses the game progress - waiting until a vending machine the loot still rocks away while you sell things.

Really hoping they patch the inability to mark items as trash on PS4 soon…

Can you explain better what is happening? I’ve not been aware of any timed loot decay. I am aware that blues and under will decay once there are too many purple and above on the map, but nothing like what you describe.

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White and green stuff vanishes fast.
Blues stay longer.
Purples and Legendary stays the longest.

If I finish Cistern of Slaugther and want to sell the stuff I need to hurry, because stuff starts to vanish after running down and up to the vending machine 5 times. And it also happens that i run to a green and it vanishes before my eyes.

Has no one here EVER seen loot and ammo evaporate like drops of rain on hot pavement? Seriously?!

It was brutal in the original Borderlands. Sometimes just a few minutes after finishing your fight you’d watch the ammo shrink right in front of your eyes. We’re seeing the same thing, albeit not AS FAST as it was in the original Borderlands. But it’s really fast, especially compared to launch when stuff stayed nearly “forever”.

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I have never experienced the problem you are describing, either in BL1 or BL3. I play on Xbone.

I play on Xbox One X and I experience this.

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I don’t experience it. I regularly do SS and with this event going on there is way more loot on the ground then normal, and I’ve still not had anything at all disappear before I finish the SS, even the lower quality stuff.

What I have observed is when I spam gungun and get a ton of stuff on the ground it starts replacing blue and under with purples.

–I play PC.

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Loot rot/decay has existed in every game. Loot rots. It dies. It can time out (it literally shrinks to nothing on the screen) or too much loot can come in and kill older loot. Regardless of your experience, it is real. It was nearly non-existent when this game launched. It has been ridiculously short the last week or so.

Noticed a lot of this when I did the Slaughterstar 3000 the other day. Many whites and greens vanished, and at least a few blues and purples I was paying attention to disappeared during the extremely drawn out battle.

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That was pre-existing and normal. This is ammo, white and green loot disappearing sometimes within minutes of dropping.

Yep sounds like a bug. If I’m to guess it would be performance related and only applying on console.

Possibly, and that’s part of why I’m reporting it. However, it was normal and customary on the original Borderlands. They literally time out loot, uses scaleform to make the items shrink right in front of your eyes.