Loot seems ot be bugged for me and my friend

me and my friend got Borderlands 3 a little late and we started a game with a gunner/siren and we noticed that all we seem to get (like 65% to 75% at least) are pistols/snipers, with shotguns sprinkled in, im talking doing a mission on Eden 6 and find 6 weapon chests and finding 24 pistols, or using a 5 golden keys and getting 12 pistols and 4 sniper rifles, this affects most other weapon sources as well, from mission rewards to weapon boxes, about the only source of guaranteed machine guns and smgs are vendors, but every other source of loot seems to be heavily skewed towards pistol/snipers (and when i say this i mean in our games, we tried making new characters as a test but it didnt change anything, along with changing the game style, between the phased loot and having to share the loot) i cant find anything else about this and it driving us insane cus we arent getting any weapons we enjoy, just truck loads of pistols and snipers

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Item type is determined by a combination of RNG and level requirement. Certain items will only drop once a certain level threshold has been met. If previous games are any indication, this ends up weighting pistols more heavily in the very early stages of the game. After that, it’s just luck of the drawer. As you level up, you should see more varied loot drop. What level are you both right now?