Loot sharing options

Hello to all. I was hoping someone could confirm the ability to email loot to friends? If so, can someone explain the mechanics? Thanks.


I know it’s there, but having avoided as much of the content as I can to enjoy the game completely fresh I’m not sure how.

I’d guess however, that there’s a stash or shop or something on Sanctuary 3 where you can choose a friend to mail it to.


I’ve done the same Tokesy97 in trying to avoid to much intel ahead of the game as I like surprises as well. That said, the loot email component opens up a huge map of casual players. Very smart on the developers part in my opinion.

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I think I heard about that being a feature. Again, I’m one of those mostly spoiler free people. I don’t mind hearing about features, but I’m definitely not interested in story spoilers.

I also suspect that even when you’re playing with “instanced loot” turned on, that you can probably drop items for friends and/or trade items with friends.

It seems like the developers really took queues from the community in ways to enhance loot, sharing etc. Clearly it remains to be seen how this all plays out but it is my belief that this will be a huge draw. If you look at forums now with thousands of people trying to level to OP10 and re-establish all new leveled gear on a game that’s as old as this, to me it’s very telling.

I’d be surprised if it was an actual email, probably works with the Shift system.

there is recent footage of multiplayer gameplay where both players are opening the golden chest on Sanctuary. The chest opens for everyone but only the person who used the key can grab the items inside. One player then can drop whatever gear in their inventory and the other player’s screen can interactive with said gear.
I believe the gear from mission rewards are the same for each player but all found loot is random and can be dropped or traded. Been told we can mail item from the bulletin board but haven’t seen it in action.
That’s all I remember about how the instanced loot system works as of right now.

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I’ve seen room decor drop from enemies, and I know it’s taboo to talk about in the forums, but I hope dupping is still available for those you want to share those special drops with friends.

You’ll be able to mail loot to people on your friends list both on and offline. So the trade economy is going to be huge for endgame.

Wow, just wow!

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Yeah I heard mention of being able to mail items to people in game. Also brief things implying that you may be able to see things sold by people on your friends list in vending machines or vendors.

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