Loot sorter mod?

wanted to ask if there is any available mods that would help with sorting through craw drops, like only display pearl and legendary beams ?

I think I recall a mod that changed the height/color of the beams to assist those with colour perception difficulties, but I may be wrong. No idea who did it, sorry. It was a while ago.

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if I recall @Stoker talked about this, but I think he left. Also @Mr_GJ might know about this

I believe that in either the config or engine files one can edit the time any specific rarity colour item is present before it gets removed. I’ll have to look into it.

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get back to me as soon as man, would be such a good thing for the community and make farming 10x easier

I’ll try, I won’t make promises as my schedule is pretty full atm.

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yeah its cool, whenever you get the chance then

ive managed to make white and green items disappear in 10 seconds, if i could either extend legendary/pearl beams or make blues dissapear id be sorted

sadly I play on Xbox and can not use this wonderful mod:sob: