Loot Sorting by 'Value'

Rant of the day:

One of the biggest gripes I have so far about BL3 is the inability to sort the loot window by ‘Value.’ If i am 3/4 of the way through the map and my inventory is full, some maps take to long to fast travel to the beginning for a vendor & run back to my current position, thus leaving people to Drop/Discard items to make room for higher value or better items. And some items, regardless of their quality or score have a higher sell value than others. For example, on multiple instances I have noticed that some ‘Common’ quality items, with a relatively low score has a higher value than some items with a higher quality & score. With that being said, the player has to stand and browse through each item to see which ones have the lowest value to discard, instead of just being able to sort by ‘Value’, scroll to the bottom of the list and discard ‘X’ amount of items. For example… If I open a rare chest and it contains 3 weapons, all valued for $300+ and I have a full inventory, I should be able to sort by ‘Value’ and discard 3 of the lowest valued items (Or anything under $300) in my loot, to make room for the higher value ones.

Plus… In the loot window where the value amount for the items scrolls under the stats window, is extremely annoying. It’s slow and none of the previous titles did that, they all had a fixed number that you can flip through quickly to see each value in a glance, without having to wait for the ‘Slot Machine Effect’ to end.


Fully agree with both points. I’m fine with the level design encouraging you to be selective about what you pick up, but given that’s the case the experience of figuring out what to ditch should be simpler.

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Agree on both points as well and would like to see the option to sell on the fly, even if it came at a lower value than selling at a vendor. Bonus points if I can set a loot filter to auto-sell items below a certain rarity. Basic QoL stuff to minimize the inventory management phase.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. I hate not being able to sort by value and having to wait to see the value of the items. Maybe we will somehow get super lucky and they will fix it and all the other things they have gotten rid of or messed up on one of the next patches. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

Points well stated. I totally agree with you as well. This is one of the few places where BL3 took a step backwards instead of forwards.

Do any of you sell stuff in the vendor sell screen, or do you sort through your backpack and mark as trash, then sell all trash?

I never used the trash feature in BL2 cause the vendor sorting modes made sense and I could easily do it from the vendor menu, but in BL3 I can’t make heads or tails of how it sorts loot.

For one “sort by manufacturerweapon type” doesn’t work in the bank or vendors, it just shows you “sort by score”. Two, “sort by weapon class” does work, but the way they’re listed in sequence is strange. Sometimes it wraps from the top row to the next from the right, sometimes it wraps around from the left. It looks inconsistent and makes me never want to actually look through my backpack via the vendor, so I just mark trash in my echo and one-button-sell.

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@billthebetta, in BL2 I’d do all my “loot maintenance” in the backpack and then just go to the vending machine and sell all trash. I try to do that in BL3, but without sort by value it’s a bit more cumbersome.

To your comments about sort by type. I agree it appears inconsistent and in some cases broken. It would be nice if demarcation tiles would be included at the start of every group.


So much yes in this sentence.

I can’t believe this is still missing from the game. This type of sorting is arguably essential.