Loot Storage Solution / Bank Design

I thought I might share my views on the storage problem and a potential solution that I would love to see implemented:

I think we can all agree that the choice to give players the capacity to hold only about 100 pieces of gear was an oversight. Borderlands 3 is a looter shooter and one of it’s major features is it’s incredible amount of unique items. There’s over 200 pieces of unique legendary gear as well as countless more red text and unique items in the game. Not only that but given the amount of variable attributes you can get on guns there is obviously a need to have multiple copies of the same gear. This is only made worse by the way mayhem mode functions and how it can make some elements and gun types useless.

In light of such circumstances I think merely increasing the amount of bank storage, as suggested by some members of the borderlands community and hinted as a possible solution by the developers, would be insufficient. Even if you increase bank space to 1000 players would still fill that up pretty quickly. Not only that but it would be impossible to find what you were looking for.

Instead, I think a systematic, filing-style storage system with ‘infinite’ space would be a more suitable solution. One way you could it is to organise unique items in your bank by broad item type e.g. Weapons; Grenades; Shields; Class Mods; Artifacts with further sub sections such as manufacturer and then weapon type for weapons , character for class mods etc. Not only that but each unique item would have its own folder, where you can find all your copies of it. Non-unique items could also have their own folder or even a pool like the current bank.

For example, all my Lyudas would be found under Guns - Vladof - Snipers - Lyuda. This way I don’t have to worry about cluttering my storage space with too many variants of the same gun and can keeping them all means I can pick the perfect gun for a particular build or mayhem modifier.

In light of the developers commitment to maintaining a constant flow of balancing the game over its life cycle I think players shouldn’t have to make a judgement call on whether to keep certain guns over others because there’s no way of knowing what will be good in a few weeks time. Further to this I believe that the post game is all about experimenting with different builds and items and finding new and creative ways of combatting the games toughest challenges. Players shouldn’t have to choose between picking up guns that are useful in specific situations or with certain builds; and tossing them to hold onto universally strong items like the flakker or 3 copies of the recurring hex.

Lastly, to satiate the collector in me and many others who play the game, id love to see some sort of PokeDex-style feature in the game, and incentives for collecting all the different types of unique items. This could be incorporated into the above mentioned folder system, with ‘???’ tabs indicating types of unique loot not yet found.

E.g under Jakobs Assualr Rifles:

  • Gatling Gun
  • Rowan’s Call
  • Lead Sprinkler
  • ??? (Bekah)
  • etc.

It would take a bit of effort but it’s not something that is revolutionary or unrealistic and as I have discussed so far there is definitely merit to implementing such a feature. The game is forecasted to have a long life cycle given the amount of extra content planned and it’s something I’m sure the dedicated fan base would appreciate.

Massive fan of the game but without a way of storing all my loot I don’t see a reason to grind the proving grounds over and over and it’s very hard to experiment with new builds because every time you want a specific item you have to go and kill graveward until it drops (the world drop pool / loot-certainty is a whole other issue).

Would love to hear what everyone thinks. The main goal of this post is to generate proactive and constructive discussion in the hopes that whoever is in charge of dealing with the storage issue sees this and takes some of it on board (:


I think that a bank for each character and a (bigger) bank that is shared, and that shared bank have the option for displaying it like you said.

Then it would be nice!

For the starting player, with three items in the bank that sort of filing system would be way to complicated. But as an option it would be great!

Unlimited is unrealistic, but triple? And then added a bank for each char. That I think is about where we need to land.

Good thoughts though. And we need more space but screaming about it won’t help. This sort if ideas and discussion might.


I don’t know why there is need for much discussion than obviously we need more storage space.
It’s. not like storage space for loot is a new concept.

Just about Every loot game ( at least arpgs) uses a tabbed inventory system, letting you put items how you want it to different tabs, and label them . It works as intended.

GB just need to implement it.


Yes, other loot games have significantly more effective systems. But by talking about it on the official forums, we’re making it clear to GB what we want. Otherwise the team in charge of addressing the storage system has to make changes without any idea of what the player base actually wants.

One of the reasons for posting is because I don’t think simply increasing the loot storage space will work and hopefully someone making the decision reads what myself and among others think, and takes it on board.

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I’d just like to have tabs for different pieces of gear or at least way more sorting options

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Yeah, even sorting by manufacturer and weapon type would be plenty, as long as the storage space isn’t too low, but I’d fill up 1000 slots so quickly.

They could create some sort of “generation” / “pokedex” system where you pay eridium to “register” a piece of gear and in the future if you would like to get that piece of gear you go and pay eridium to get that piece of gear back.

When you “generate” gear, all of the stats are re-rolled (including annointment).

I think that could basically circumvent the space issue + give an endgame use for eridium


I’m not so sure about this. Bank space was a huge problem in Borderlands 2, and they spent years hemming and hawing over how haaaaaaard it was to implement, and how they didn’t really think we needed it. So, when they were developing BL3, there is no way they weren’t aware of the community’s opinion on it after literal years of people begging for more bank space. I’m forced to assume that the current bank sizes were a conscious and intentional decision, and Gearbox just hates collectors.

Gonna repeat something I put into another, now long disappeared thread related to storage space, but it’s applicable here.

I don’t think anyone on these forums will disagree with you about having more vault space. Some people will argue with you because they are contrary or they feel a moral imperative to defend Gearbox, but all of the reasons for low vault space are either player-hostile (force more farming, force game time through additional inventory management overhead) or purely technical (but seriously, if having a shared bank of 300 items has any significant effect on their save file sizes they need to hire new programmers).

I still don’t understand why Gearbox is still so hostile to collectors, whom are always a major player demographic of any looter. Like, we learned this lesson with BL2, why are we always starting from square one with Gearbox? Every other looter that tried the limited bank space thing have all walked it back and give players more and more space - INCLUDING THE LAST BORDERLANDS GAMES. Why are all the same mistakes made over and over again, with nobody learning?

It’s maddening.


Should be a “locker” you can purchase for your characters room in which you can store 25 items for that character for 50mil. At 4 characters that gives you 100+50 shared. Plus the locker at 50 mil gives somewhat of a goal for a char to get up their bank account to purchase late game.

Maybe a quest that activates at end game in which you help Marcus find a locker full of weapons but when you bring it to Marcus he finds it empty. He says he will make you a “sweet deal” for only 50 million. When you have enough money you can buy it from him and it appears in your characters room.

I am not much of a collector myself but extra spaces and sorting would be awesome.

My kind of dream would be like this. Each weapon display is consisted of 6 panels. Only the front one shows, others are behind the room, like a conveyor. Holding view on the display, mousewheel up and down will rotate the panel. Action key will take the weapon from the panel. If current hands are empty then directly to the hands. When the panel is empty, action key will directly remove the weapon from hands and put it to the panel.

That would be my day. But just more bank spaces would be grateful anyway. We need it.

In BL2, I would create characters in order to store the legendaries my main character found. The toons I didn’t like carried weapons, shields & mods in their backpacks & banks. IMHO, having one central shared bank limits the hoarder in me.

fair enough

Yeah I play on PS4, so to create mules I need to spend about an hour and a half getting to Sanctuary and then another 20 minutes or so transferring weapons across to sell and upgrade my backpack space. I was gonna just aim to do one a night and multi-task a tv show or something but its such a pain.

If I was on PC, I’d have taken a day to create 50 or so mules, one for each weapon type for each manufacturer, 4x class mods and a few grenade, shield and artifact ones too etc.

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I have 13 mules, each for an item type, on PC. I feel for you

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You guys go through that intro and Pandora missions ten times and more? Wow, that’s crazy. I play on PC, but that’s just… Ugh, I just need more space.


I like PoE stash setup. Give me tabs that i can name and scroll through. Also make the bank window bigger so i can see more items at a time.

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  • Unlimited storage would be too big a hurdle to overcome. That data has to get stored somewhere and retrieved when looking at your inventory. Imagine the lag that would happen when trying to load 10000 items.
  • I agree that with increased storage we will also need some sort of organization. However I think the version you’ve suggested will just lead to people hating drilling down through folder structures. IMO a better idea would be to make the bank character specific since you’ll probably want FL4K to have the guns that are annointed for them. Then add some sorting options like sort by manufacturer/type/gear score etc. Then add a system for players to mail items to their other characters.

It is important that they limit the storage amount somewhat because of performance and part of the fun of gear farming is figuring out which gear you should keep and which you should trash. However right now it’s too strict for a game that advertises the amount of loot there is. “Billions of guns… but you can only keep 90”.


The other problem is nerfing / buffing. It’s hard to throw away an under performing gun now, when i could be buffed next week. Once they slow down tweaking the game than bank space numbers will become easier to figure out.

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you can do this in bl3 and i already have 3 alt for it - o - ‘’

Personally, I prefer shared bank. If it wasn’t shared, I would need a “trusted friend” to help me transfer gear. I like being able to transfer everything myself. I play on ps4 …so I just use split screen with guest account to transfer money. I have 16 mules that I can easily transfer items because the bank is shared.

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