Loot The Universe Mini Event Info Sharing [WEEK 4 - Nekrotafeyo]

Supposedly, each zone in each planet affect will have different loot pools.

Is there already a place to collect that info?
And if not, can we start collecting all our data here?


Okay, compiling data here:


  • Desolation’s Edge: Class Mods and Heavy Weapons
  • Tazendeer Ruins: ARs and Artifacts
  • The Pyre of Stars: Shields and SMGs
  • Trial of Survival: Shotguns
  • Trial of Cunning: Pistols
  • Trial of Discipline: Grenades and SMGs
  • Trial of Supremacy: ARs
  • Trial of Instinct: Heavy Weapons
  • Trial of Fervor: Shields and Snipers

EDEN 6 Week 3

  • Jakobs Estate: ARs and Shields
  • Ambermire: Snipers Grenades and Shotguns
  • The Anvil: SMGs
  • Voracious Canopy: Snipers
  • Floodmoor Basin: Pistols and COMs
  • The Floating Tomb:
  • Blackbarrel Cellars: Launchers and Artifacts


  • Meridian Outskirts: Shotguns
  • Meridian Metroplex: Snipers and Relics
  • Lectra City: SMGs
  • Neon Arterial: Shotguns
  • Atlas HQ: ARs and Class Mods
  • Skywell-27: Launchers and Grenades

ATHENAS: Pistols, Shields, and possibly Class Mods


  • Ascension Bluff - Snipers
  • Splinterlands - Pistols
  • Devils Razor - ARs & Grenades
  • Cathedral of the Twin Gods - Shotguns & Relics
  • Konrads Hold - SMGs
  • Carnivora - ARs & Shields
  • Guts of Carnivora - Launchers
  • The Droughts - SMGs & COMs

I can’t find it anywhere. (Not that this helps, this is a cheap way to follow this thread).

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Snipers seem to be set to Ascension Bluff

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That makes sense!
I was just there and saw 2 woodblockers and a krakatoa!

SMGs in Konrad’s Hold.
Pistols in Splinterlands.
Launchers in Guts of Carnivora.


Smgs and class mods in the droughts


Rockets are deffinitly guts of carnivora as the Agonizer 9000 now drops at least 4 legendary launchers on death.

Still seems to have the rest of the loot pool in tact but its hard to see with the overwhelming number of legendary launchers that drop.

Additionally the additional head size in some of the new mayhem levels cause loot to drop in completely different places.

With a giant head the agonizer 9000 threw all the loot against the side wall with some popping into the crowd. I see a mess of new issues with these mayhem levels already :frowning:


Yeah the droughts seem to be krakatoa land. So I think:
The Droughts -> Snipers

Covenant Pass - Nothing
The Droughts - SMGs & Class Mods
Ascension Bluff - Snipers
Splinterlands - Pistols
Devils Razor - ARs & Grenades
Carnivora - ARs & Sheilds
Guts of Carnivora - Rockets
Cathedral of the Twin Gods - Shotguns & Relics
Konrads Hold - SMGs

This was done on mayhem 10 and the items dropped in abundance on each of the locations tested, each location was tested at least twice over.


Hey, Coon’s back!



Ascension Bluff: snipers
Cathedral of the Twin Gods: shotguns, relics
Konrads Hold: SMGs
The Splinterlands: pistols
The Droughts: SMGs, class mods
Guts of Carnivora: heavy weapons
Devils Raizor: assault rifles, grenades
Carnivora: assault rifles, shields

help me to complete this list as fast as possible :slight_smile:


Devil’s Razor seems to be assault rifles… would love some peer review.

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Mostly SMG in The Droughts

its pretty obvious
when a lootsplosion happens, you have 4-5 weapons of the same type lying around

Agonizer area drops Rocket Launchers

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Yeah, everything is coming up assault rifles here. :laughing:

I’v also been getting quite a few artifacts, shields and Class Mods in the Draughts compared to just Sniper Rifles in Ascension Bluff.

Can they be combined? I’m also finding a not-insignificant amount of legendary grenades.

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Are these all supposed to be legendary drops? Only been there about 20 minutes, but so far grenades have out-paced ARs.

Three Rebel Yells, plus Mitosis Hex, Sticky Quasar, Epicenter, Red Queen

Ok, not had that happen yet - at most 2 items per. Does that relate to enemy tier though? Haven’t had an anointed spawn yet, for example.

Raining snipers in Ascension Bluff, Monocles, Krakatoas, Malek’s, Lyudas etc.