Loot The World for The Pre Sequel?

I don’t know if it’s ever been discussed but I would love to see Loot The World come to Borderlands The Pre Sequel! Share your thoughts on this. Is it a good idea or a bad one?


Loot the world was interesting and ok but I would rather see them do something different in the mobile space. I don’t know what but just something new and different.

I could get into that. I have never found anything amazing but I still find it fun to scan random ■■■■ just to see what it gets me. I would love either Loot The World again or something new. I think it would be good to see what everyone thinks as well!

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Yeah and this time actually do it for the rest of the world as well.

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Did it only work in America? (I don’t know do to ignorance)

I found the answer through google and it led me to the old forums and the answer as to why it only did here

TBH, Ik why it didnt worked and I dont rly care. There are a lot of people outside of US who play this game. If something doesnt work for all of us, dont do it. Simple as that.

I’m with you on that one… Even when it’s not their obligation to do it. This is like a little f=%k you to the rest of the world =P

There are approximately 200 countries in the world (depending on the exact definition of “country”; IE, is Paelstine a country? Taiwan? ISIS? Northern Cyprus? Somaliland? Transnistria? South Ossetia?). Each country has different laws. It is literally impossible for Gearbox/2K to make a giveaway or contest that confirms with all 200 counties’ different laws.

It would be interesting to see that again, but I think Pre-Sequel should’ve been a bit larger to have something like that. Nonetheless, I’d guess it’d still work since there are still a ton of unique bosses/enemies. Perhaps Gearbox should do this after they apply that respawning boss patch they promised.

I haven’t looked to deep into it but is the Pre-Sequel only going to be released for PC, XBox , and PS4 ?? no ps3 or anything earlier ?

It’s on the ps3 Xbox 360 and PC. It is being released to Xbox 1 and the ps4 later along side BL2

Maybe they should attach to step counters and give you random loot every 5000 steps. Or track it per day and give you higher chances at good loot if you walk more.


May I suggest changing the title of the thread to have a question mark? I thought you were telling us it was out already. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to lie I thought I did put the question mark… not an exclamation point

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Eight hours before a job interview:

Time to go! I’ve got a long walk ahead of me. Bugger this loot compulsion…

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