Loot The World Functionality Issues

Regarding recent reports of users experiencing issues with Loot The World functionality in BL2, the team is aware of the problem and currently investigating. As soon as more news is available, we’ll pass it on immediately. Thanks!

Gearbox Knowledge Base Article:

I am hoping that the issue of when trying to send an item into the game you get the message that I have not already played the game yet gets fixed. Myself and a friend of mine have this same issue with loot the world and him especially plays religiously.

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does anyone read these forums from gearbox?

@aaronstevens0704- I’ve pinged the team for you to see if there’s any news available. If so, I’ll let you know immediately. Thanks!

@aaronstevens0704- quick question to make sure: are you certain that your LTW app is connected to the correct SHiFT acct?

100% sure it’s the correct account. I created my shift account to use the loot the world app and linked it to game same time.

Thank you.

So tried creating a new shift account. Using my xbox live email address and no luck trying to get anything working with the loot the world app. Linked the account to my fiance’s xbox live account and no luck. This is just frustrating because I got so excited to use the app when I found it on the app store. I also tried multiple different devices. The weird part is that at the website is shows my account is not linked with xbox live but when i log into the handsome jack collection and it automatically logs me into shift. HELP!!!

For one, I’d try linking your acct on the SHiFT website and see if that works.

It happens to me too have you found a solution?

@silaozer2000 - you’ve checked above steps? Made sure LTW is linked to the correct SHiFT acct?