Loot tink...backpack?

I have 3 characters now to level 50. I don’t have a huge amount of time playing TVHM or mayhem other than to level to 50 once finishing story mode. That being said I haven’t seen very many loot tinks across 3 characters and I just killed one and noticed it dropped a backpack? Does it always drop that or is it rare? Have never seen or noticed this before:

It should always drop. If you die before you open the pack though it disappears.


Always drops the backpack, that’s where the good loot is. Once or twice its fallen off an edge for me but should always be around.

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Always drops but splash damage will open it automatically.

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Don’t worry. It took me weeks before I even realized there was a backpack to open, as well. You are not alone.

The tinks I believe always drop the backpack. The other loot type enemies though I recall being able to shoot their sack or whatever they use to hold their loot to have it explode before even killing them.