Loot tink behavior needs overhaul

So I was on the 3rd character trying to reach the first vault with my wife yesterday… And thanks to a combination of jump/melee/tediore reload/badass rocket spam or something - hard to tell with all the splitscreen lag - I ended up here (player 1):

This was kinda neat because although I had to deal with another badass yet to drop down, I could take potshots at the enemies down below. As I’m running around the top, I see some cash that I figured was from a money mirv grenade my wife threw and start picking it up. Had I any common sense I would’ve realized it was a trail, but in my lack of a rush I barely see a loot tink vanishing into a purple portal.

Now I get that the spawn rate had to be reduced because some folks took to farming them… But as they don’t actively engage the players and only run away the entire time - how are we supposed to find and kill them when they spawn in places we aren’t meant to reach in the first place? I’m not saying I want more (although I might actually want that) but at least fix it so that the few which spawn actually give us a chance to friggin kill them.

I can’t quite tell from the picture, but are you sure that ledge can’t normally be reached?

That bottom screenshot play’s like me…Meat on a Stick and Beer.Must look …at…it…now …hungry.

My wife tried briefly to get the epic that dropped from the badass I killed, but we couldn’t find a way up.

I dunno, even if there was a path up there it’s not like we purchased a mountain goat simulator game. Mantling is a nice addition, but if loot tinks are designed to spawn out of sight out of mind why even put them in the game?

They just need to be fixed so that they spawn in accessible areas if they want them in the series, and they have greater priorities sure but just saying it’s broke as is.

I had a very similar experience recently when a Loot Tink escaped by jumping up to a (to my knowledge) unreachable area. I don’t remember which map it was, though.

i haven’t seen that with the tinks much, but i have had a few Loot Ghosts disappear on me :frowning:

This has happened a few times on Jakob’s Estate. The last chest towards the back end of the map can often spawn Tinks near it. I’ve had them jump off the cliff and I can hear them in mid air. On several occasions they actually ran back onto the map. Frustrating little basta*€s!! :joy:

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