Loot tinks for legendaries

Ok, so I have written this post once, but noone answered. But I really want to know if this is some bug or what.

The thing is, that we are playing spliscreen on PS4. Until the first bug patch, we were regularly finding loot tinks. There was almost 7-8 of them until chapter 13 normal mode. Until this point, we are at lvl. 50 TVHM - many hours after finishing everything. We havent met any of them! Seriously not a single one!

What the f*** is this?

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From what I can tell, originally there was 2 ways a loot tink could spawn. 1) in place of a badass COV tink and 2) a % chance in specific locations.

The first patch seemed to disable the 2nd spawning method so the total number of sightings has decreased.

That said, they seem to have pretty low health and can get nuked down in a sea of grenade/RPG spam in large groups which is doubly troubling since there seems to be a set number of dead bodies that can be around before they start despawning. More than once I’ve run into a big group of enemies, see the loot tink die, and by the time I have all the other mobs cleared up the Loot tink’s body has despawned leading me to believe this likely happens and I never noticed the loot tink to begin with on account of all the guns falling from the sky from the everything else dying.

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