Loot tinks impossible to find and other bugs

I haven’t seen a loot tink since Eden-6 on my normal mode playthrough of my max level flak character. I can’t get one no matter how much i “farm” the spots they’re supposed to spawn. i have also encountered a glitch on one of my characters where one of the ramps in Get quick slick doesn’t raise and i cant make “the big one” jump and progress any further and is infuriating the OCD inside of me

IF you want a guaranteed loot tink, play offline without the hotfix applied and one will be guaranteed in Jakobs Estate. Other than that, they really nerfed their spawn rate to the point where I rarely see them at all anymore. In the first few days before they got nerfed, they at least used to spawn more frequently.

They should have just nerfed their drop rate and not the chance of them spawning IMO. Being a super rare spawn that drops greens and blues shouldn’t be as rare as they are.

I actually still find them quite often. Loot Psychos too and Hoarding Jabbers and such. Also there was Robot one but forgot its name. Something Lamp? Was weird.

Go to the anvil on eden-6.

I haven’t seen a single one since the hotfix

I just farm them offline and I have np

They don’t drop class Mods offline

I have gotten several mods for my character

All offline from tinks and bosses

You’re extremely lucky then. I’ve farmed them and had 1000s of legendaries but not a single class mod