Loot Tinks need an obvious sound/Map icon

As the title says. Loot tinks need an unmistakable on spawn sound and a mini map icon. I have had so many times I either saw the telltale trail of money after the fact or I catch up to that last red dot on the map that happens to be a tink jumping in its portal.


I agree. To add to this the text is so damn small that you cant read enemy names very well.

Totally agree. Prefer the loot midgets, who spawned in BL2 when you opened crates, so you had to see them (pretty much), rather than these sneaky loot tinks. Just need some way to draw your attention.

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wow, why is this thread so…lost in everything else, this would be so awesome if they had something to determine where loot tink/hoarding tinks, thieving jabbers, etc. etc. are on the map when they spawn.

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I have many hours in game. I have only spotted 2 loot tinks. The 2nd i spotted as he disappeared. The jabber i have seen alot more of. Mostly when there are 2-4 badas jabbers also.