Loot to give away

If anybody is after any gear let me know. Ill be around a lot this weekend and happy to give back to the community that’s helped me.
I have a full bank so ask away and I may have what you are looking for.
PSN is wonga-bunny

Awesome dude!
Do you have a good Hustler by any chance? It’s a pain to farm. Looking for one with as much as possible in brain freeze, and some of these passives:

Weapon charge speed
Splash damage
Splash radius
Maliwan damage
Shotgun damage
Weapon damage

And also looking for these:
Vindicator/Cloning ghast call
Recursion 2x rad+corr 125% splash annoint
Stagecoach 25x, 8 mag, next 2 mag or urad
Radiation Smog with next 2 mags annoint


Yes I have a good Hustler to suit.
I have the stagecoach and I did have a radiation Smog, will have to double check that. I threw all my recursion away though in a bank cleanout.
I also have the vindicator ghast call.
Message me on PSN with the exact list to be sure I don’t forget. User name is Wonga-bunny
Will you be on in about 6 hours as I could use a hand duping.

'Tis the season to be jolly :grinning:
Well I’m looking for some god roll Company Man artifacts. Especially an Atlas Company Man to go with my O.P.Q. on Zane. Passives like mag size and damage boosts. A good double-Roll ASS Re-Volter would also be nice. My PSN is Mads_J. We’re allready friends on PSN. Cheers!

Send me a message on PSN. I don’t have an Atlas company man but I do have others plus a number of triple roll revolters.

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I’ll check for ur atlas company man tonight. Add me. :wink:

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Thanks! I’ll do that, but what’s your PSN?

Oh. Sorry mate. Thought it’s under my name. It’s x_raytch. Could it be that we are friends already?

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That’s what I got:

Good enough? Not the passives u lookin for but the manufacturer bonuses are God rolls…

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Hey! Do u have crio or shock globetrottr by any chance? Id love to get one, but guardian take down is pain to farm. And if u have a hustler with splash dmg+radius+heavy dmg that would be nice, if u gifted me)

I mailed all three items. Enjoy!

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Hey dude! What a lovely offer. I’ve been farming for a L72 Cosmic Stalker with splash damage, and at least 2 in Big Game and at least 2 in Interplanetary Stalker. If you could check your bank for me, I would be so, SO grateful. :slight_smile:

I’ll try and check within the next two days and let you know.

Hello there, looking for peeps still play or can help with some trophies, runs etc. Psn is MechaKoi7 . Thanks.

Anyone have the outlaw head for Moze from Bounty of Blood?

Been battling Ruiner on mayhem 10 for the past week for roughly 3 hours a night, one continously with no luck at all.