Loot Turtle's Mythbusting Fibber Guides

Loot Turtle’s Mythbusting Fibber Guides (Combined)

I noticed that a lot of players still don’t fully understand what is going on with the Fibber. The Fibber does a lot of weird and wonderful things and I’m going to explain them to you.


  1. Barrel Types
  2. Dat Barrel
  3. Redundant Prefix
  4. Fibber and Bee
  5. Farming Tips
  6. Examples and Damage

1. The Fibber Barrel Types:

The Fibber has 3 types of barrels.

  • “Pistol_Barrel_Bandit _Fibber_2” is the first barrel that fires 7 slow-moving pellets.
  • “Pistol_Barrel_Bandit _Fibber_3” is the preferred one that shoots a fast moving pellet that splits on ricochetting.
  • “Pistol_Barrel_Bandit _Fibber_4” fires slow-moving arching bullets that ricochet with +700% Critical Hit Damage Bonus.

The 2nd type (“Barrel_Bandit _Fibber_3”) is the most sought after by players. The problem is that all 3 barrels look the same in-game. The only way to tell them apart is by trying them out or looking at the displayed stats. Even though the stats lie, they can be used to identify the barrel type (although elemental versions will have lower damage than their non-elemental equivalents).

 Type    Damage Value               Notes
       Lvl. 50  Lvl. 61  Lvl. 72
   1   4-digit  5-digit  5-digit  'x 1' value multiplier
   2   5-digit  6-digit  6-digit
   3   3-digit  4-digit  4-digit

Other typical indicators are a high fire rate (FR) and reload speed (RL) as compared to type 1 (high FR but RL < 1) or type 3 (both FR & RL < 1) Some typical values for level 72 follow:

Stat       Type 1  Type 2  Type 3
Accuracy    ~98%    ~90%    ~70%
Fire rate    ~30     ~30     0.2
Reload sp   ~0.7     4-7     0.1
Ammp cap.   <100    1500    2000 

Here, for example, are the cards for level 50 and 61 type 2 barrel Fibbers:

There are also images of type 1 (level 61) and type 3 (level 50 and level 61) available.

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2. Dat Barrel:

It’s the barrel type that makes The Fibber such an interesting weapon. Each type can have a number of unlisted pellets that fire in a distinct pattern, as well as a distinct trajectory and behaviour. Note that this is the special effect of the barrel; it has nothing to do with its prefix or its accessory.

The type 2 barrel will deal very little damage when fired directly at a target. However, the bullet splits into 9 pellets after ricocheting off a surface. This works particularly well with certain skills such as Gaige’s Close Enough and The Nth Degree, or Zer0’s B0re.

The shot pattern produced consists of 1 pellet in the middle with the other 8 pellets surrounding it, as shown here:

In contrast, the type 1 barrel has a more random pellet pattern:

To see all three types in action, check out @Derch’s video on Hyperion Pistols, starting at 6:07 onwards.

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3. The “Redundant” prefix:

The “Redundant” prefix is applied when a Hyperion pistol is equipped with a Laser Double Accessory. This makes the pistol fire extra projectiles per shot at the cost of increased ammo consumption. It also gives that ‘x2’ multiplier in the displayed damage stats. (Note that this replaces the ‘x1’ for the type 1 barrel; this may still be distinguished by the magnitude of the base damage and the firing pattern, however.)

Here is a type 2 barrel Redundant Fibber:

The prefix coupled with the 2nd barrel produces a shot pattern of 2 pellets in the middle with 16 pellets surrounding it, for a total of 18 pellets per shot:

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4. The Fibber and The Bee:

The legendary Bee amp shield is well-known because of its high amp damage and zero drain characteristics. Although the amp damage is divide between the listed pellets of multi-projectile guns (i.e. those listed as x2, x4, etc.), it does not get divided bewteen unlisted pellets.

Since the extra pellets produced are not listed, each of the pellets from a regular type 2 Fibber will receive full undivided amp damage. For the Redundant Fibber, the amp damage is divided by 2 but then multiplied by the 18 pellets. This means that the type 2 Fibber (Redundant or not) will receive 9X the amp damage per shot. This is the same on all platforms.

Without The Bee:

With The Bee (+46678 Amp Damage):

When the game first released, the full amp damage from the Bee shield was applied to all pellets, making it (and similar weapons like the Conference Call) ridiculously powerful. This was fixed in Patch v1.2.0 (AKA “Bee Nerf Patch”), which also introduced a glitch affecting the Fibber. The glitch caused the Fibber to deal more damage than before. However, this issue was fixed in Update v1.3.1. Despite this, the Fibber remains a very powerful weapon.

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5. Farming The Fibber:

The Fibber is a reward for the final stage of the “A Real Boy” side quest series in Eridium Blight. After getting to the point of turning in this quest for the reqward, travel into Ore Chasm and immediatley back out again. You can now turn in the mission and force-quit (e.g. dash-board or sign out on console) if you don’t get the version you want. This gives you the most convenient respawn location. Be prepared for many restarts: on a recent run, it took 50 attempts to get a type 2 Redundant Fibber; if you want a specific elemental version as well, it could easily take much longer.

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6. Examples and Damage Calculations:

Type 1: The One Nobody Gives a Sh*t About

Here’s the type 1 barrel in action:

So how does it work?

Bodyshot Damage with no damage bonuses: 26500 X 7 = 185k
Crit Damage with no damage bonuses: (26500 X 7) X 2 X (100% + 0%) = 371k

Note: You can read more about critical damage sources here

Maya can make use of this version through phaselock, Mind’s Eye (boosts critical damage) and Chain Reaction (can land all the pellets as crits more reliably).

Crit Damage with 5/5 Minds Eye: (26500 X 7) X 2 X (100% + 0% + 25%) = 464k

Laser Double Accessory - “Redundant”: With The Bee amp damage is evenly divided among the 7 pellets from each shot. If it has the Laser Double Accessory attached, it will fire 14 pellets but the overall boost from The Bee will be the same.

Redundant Fibber type 1 bodyshot damage: 23643 X 14 = 331k
And with The Bee: 26500 X 7 + 169853 = 355k

TL,DR: The 1st barrel, the red-headed stepchild of Fibber barrels.

  • It fires 7 pellets that are terribly sluggish. The “Redundant” version fires 14.
  • It has no special Crit characteristics: Normal pistol Inherent Crit Bonus of 0% & uses the generic pistol Crit equation.
  • Amp Damage is evenly divided among the pellets fired from each shot.

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Type 3: Because 1 OP Fibber is Not Enough

As noted above, the type 3 barrel single projectile leaves very distinct trails. They fly slowly in a parabolic arc and frantically ricochet off surfaces too:

This Fibber’s forte is its insanely high Inherent critical hit bonus (provided you can land them given the drop and slow speed).

Bodyshot damage with no damage bonuses:

Crit damage with no damage bonuses: 8386 X 2 X (100% + 700%) = 134k
Crit damage with Zer0’s Legendary Hunter COM: (+29%) & 10/5 Headsh0t (+40%): 8386 X 2 X (100% + 700% + 40% + 29%) = 145k
Just for fun, here’s the preceding with The Bee: (8386 + 46678) X 2 X (100% + 700% + 40% + 29%) = 957k

TL,DR: The Fibber with the 3rd barrel is flat out freaky:

  • Its bullet leave visible trails, travel slowly in a parabolic arc and ricochet of surfaces.
  • It’s Hyperion so it becomes more accurate the longer its trigger is held.
  • It deals insanely high Crit Damage that rivals the Hawk Eye due to having an Inherent Crit Bonus of +700%.

In my forthright opinion, the only reason why the 2nd barrel is more favoured is because you don’t need to aim the damn thing. However, this is still an incredibly formidable gun. Sure, its bodyshot damage may not be the finest but the Crit Damage it deals is absurd. I’m just flabbergasted by the Crit Damage this thing deals. For fudge’s sake, GBX! Why?

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I really like that porting job you’re doing (especially about guides such as these)

I would suggest you target a few more things Loot Turtle has made back there, like the prefix guides, as he is unlikely to port them (and they are still relevant).

Thanks Chuck! The prefix guide is sort-of covered already between a number of different folks, but I might have another look at it when I’m done with this one.

Quick question for you: is it common for a fire Redundant Fibber to show significantly lower base damage on the card than a non-elemental one? When I was farming earlier today, the one I finally got was listed at about 80% of the usual type 2 (other prefix) Fibbers.

All elemental guns in the game (that can have a non-elemental version) have lowered damage by about 20%, except shotguns (for…some reason).

Just read this, very fine and informative, much appreciated - I know how much effort goes into posts & ports like this (I’m way to lazy to port any of mine). Bravo.

Thanks! Fortunately, your RNG guide is still accessible in the old forums snapshot, so it can still be referenced. The same isn’t true of some of the other pages. I managed to get to at least one of them through the Way Back Machine, but it’s missing all of the graphics :frowning: I’m assuming access to Helsabot’s drop rates table was disabled after the change in rates implemented earlier this year? I don’t remember if anyone decided to redo that, but it would be an awful lot of work…

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Man, you really ought to make just one exception for your post on RNG… that thing is an argument closer in and of itself

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