Loot velocity + Collision = BNK3R WTF!

I just watched, from perfect view, the sheer amount of BNK3R loot that is lost when it falls straight through not one, but TWO level floors and is lost forever. Roughly 1/3 (one-third) of it was moving so quickly that it never had time for collision to process (at that speed OR in that volume). I also got to see a hard-earned orange legendary dive straight through those 2 floors along with the rest of it… gone.

Check out the sniper rifle plastered to the ceiling… that was one of the slower moving loots, frozen at the exact spot physics/collision finally processed. The yellow circle on the floor is where the legendary passed through.
At this point, after having witnessed a drop at close range, I really can’t believe that BNK3R drop rates are anything close to as bad as people report. The good stuff IS dropping… it’s just dropping straight through because it’s too much at once, moving too quickly. Try it once and see for yourselves… take your last shots on BNK3R from the right side of the ring by the stairs and then jump down over the railing to the lower level and just watch. You won’t be pleased with what you see.

I want to try testing this, and how… or IF it’s affected by the Physx physics detail setting in the options menu. It’s possible that a higher setting will give more priority to physics/collision, letting the loots process faster and stay upstairs. It’s also possible that a higher setting will request too much detail (and time) for each dropping loot piece, causing more loots to pass into the floor meshes before physics/collision process on it. Either way, something this leaky shouldn’t have ever passed QA testing.


After testing a handful of BNK3R runs at different settings, I’ll have to own up and retract anything negative I said about the game or this map. Turns out I was exactly right about what was happening when loot falls here, and why/how it was passing though floors.

  • Physx = Medium / Game Details = High

    Loot embedded into the floor and a fair amount of fall through to, and through the lower level.

  • Physx = Medium & High / Game Details = Medium & low

    Lowering the game details (and a couple other settings in several runs) wasn’t enough to offset the lag that was causing this.

  • Physx = Low / Game Details = Medium

    There it was, a perfect drop… with not a single piece of loot dropping thru the floor. None stuck in the recesses around the auto cannon doors, and none stuck halfway into the floor.

  • Physx = Low / Game Details = High ( and all other settings high or higher than I previously had them)

    Another good drop… I can live with that.
    So apparently, even though my video card can handle a lot more rendering, it’s built in Physx seems to suk ass. It was so close to the threshold that only these big physics-enabled loot drops would trigger the problem, with no other rendering problems at all.
    In the end, the good part is I figured out what causes this, won’t have to deal with it any longer, and it may help someone else who might be wondering WTF like I was. The bad part is I get to put my foot in my mouth, I didn’t get crap for drops in all these runs, and the BNK3Rs drop rates really are that bad :smirk:

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