Loot waterfall.... why does this have to be 15 characters I got the point across with loot waterfall but whatever

me and @billthebetta where bored. enjoy a few seconds of your life wasted.


Eh? is that what happens when you throw loot on an elevator?


Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen;)

That is amazing it was so awesome when you jumped down it was like rainbow stars all around

It’s amazing the things you do just for fun… My buddy and I use to play “pearl shoes” a take on horseshoes in craws lair. We would take a pearlescent shield and each time we re entered his lair we each got a turn while the elevator was coming down. The object was to pick up the shield, go into your inventory and drop it so that it landed on top of the elevator button and stayed there. Hard to do but we would both get one every once in a while and the winner got their pick of loot from that session.

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